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Branding & Design

Let’s Chat About Your Logo

Listen. It’s your baby. I get it. But maybe you’re putting too much thought into that logo. let me know help you out. This is the logo chat.

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Preparing to Podcast? Things you should know.

Thinking about starting a podcast and wondering what you should know? I made some notes as I’ve gone through the initial stages of The Marketing Lifestyle Show that I’m sharing with you today.

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Building a Business, Crisis Management, Measuring Results

Procrastination: The Real Definition

I’m on a sexy rant today (because I know much you like those) to talk about procrastination and what it really means. Because if you’re doing it, you’re not going to like what it says about you.

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Blogging, Content Marketing

RSS Format: Full Summary or Excerpt Only?

This is a great question from one of Amy’s Elite about how to optimize blog content to get the best results from a growing audience when it comes to RSS outline. A technical Savvy Tuesday, but a useful item to think about if you’re sharing your content in an RSS feed platform.

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Apps & Mobile

Tiiny App Network for Low Pressure Photo and Video Sharing [VIDEO]

The app I’m sharing today is a new social network for photo and video sharing (and disappearing.) Tiiny App was created by serial founder Kevin Rose and even though I’m usually against these silly disappearing platforms, I’ve fallen in love with this user experience.

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