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Facebook Ads are the New Easy Ads?

A note from Mark Zuckerberg himself got me thinking about the power of Facebook advertising and the state of advertising with businesses today. Are Facebook ads the new easy ads?

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Emails: Get Inbox Zero with EmailGa.me

When I have a lot of emails to sort through in my inbox, whether they need replies or just to be trashed, this is my favorite tool to get it done. Own Inbox Zero!

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First #SSSLIVE Event Recap!

#SSSLIVE is finally here and we’ve completed our first event! Ahhhhh! So much fun! (Hint: it was a major success!)

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New Perspective on Linkedin Brand Awareness

Linkedin has been doing some cool stuff these days and it is not going unnoticed! At least not by me. In this edition of One Minute One Cut, check out my thoughts on how you should rethink your Linkedin strategy.

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Advice for Branding on Social Images

In another edition of One Minute One Cut, I’m spitting some rants about what happens when you think getting credit is more important than having a great social media image. Spoiler: Ugliness.

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