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Canva: Beautiful Design that’s Fast and Easy for Small Biz [VIDEO]

I’ve found it. You can calm yourself. FINALLY us non-design aware small business owners can create quick and easy awesome imagery for our online presence. You’ve gotta see it for yourself. Watch Canva: Beautiful Design that’s Fast and Easy for Small Biz: So Guy Kawasaki has been on the promotional move again and I was curious […]

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How To Keep Email From Running Your Life [VIDEO]

I understand more than anyone how difficult it can be to keep email from running your life. I’m an “Inbox Zero” kinda girl. So I thought I’d talk about some of the strategies and tools I use to keep my inbox from dictating my day, my workload and my life. Watch How To Keep Email From […]

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My Favorite WordPress Plugins [VIDEO]

Today’s video is brought to you buy @DCtitleguy and his fabulous question: “Would you ever do a WordPress plugins video? Best to have.” First of all I need to preface my recommendations with a word of caution. If you get too happy with your plugins in one sitting, your website will get very mad at […]

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Live Ninja for Your Video Consulting Business [VIDEO]

Because the Internet has opened up so many possibilities for people to grow a business, I love discovering new platforms that continue to make the process even more seamless. The tool we’re going to talk about today fits very well into that mission. Watch Live Ninja for your Video Consulting Business: Live Ninja looks a […]

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Tidy Up Your Email with Boomerang for Gmail [VIDEO]

I’m definitely an “inbox zero” kind of girl. I have filters upon filters. Systems for certain types of emails. I even rejoiced when Gmail released the new tabs system because it added another way to stay organized. I realize that I’m in the 1% in terms of how I handle my email, but I know […]

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What I’m Packing For Vidcon [VIDEO]

Tomorrow I’m leaving for the west coast to attend Vidcon, an online video enthusiast and professional conference that centers mostly on YouTube. A great time of fans meeting their favorite creators who are super awkward in person. So for this trip I’ll obviously be doing a lot of vlogging and I thought I would share […]

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How To Schedule Videos On YouTube [VIDEO]

This week one of the social suggested a great topic for Savvy Tuesday. Thanks to Aaron for asking about the scheduling feature on YouTube, something he found recently but had no idea about prior and thought others might still be in the dark. @SavvySexySocial have you discussed scheduling YouTube videos for later? — Bizaaron (@mobizaaron) […]

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How To Make Cheap Awesome Videos [VIDEO]

Equipment. The daunting thing that is causing great minds to not make videos for their audience. It’s such a shame. Especially when multimedia is more in reach today than ever in history. For anyone! So to answer a lot of questions that I get from friends, viewers and clients, I’m going to tell you how […]

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3 Presentations to Help You Prepare to Speak

I love when I am presented with a speaker who absolutely blows me away. There’s no doubt there were quite a few people that did just that while I attended Ohio Growth Summit this year (like Anthony Iannarino as pictured on the right), which inspired me to look into how I can best prepare myself […]

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30 Summer-Friendly Blog Post Ideas

Happy Memorial Day, Socials! It’s time to kick off summer with some editorial calendar planning. After all, no need to stress for content ideas when you should be enjoying the season. Use the excitement of summer to connect with your audience with these 30 blog topic ideas. Sprinkle them in with the rest of your […]

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