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The Early Bird Gets the Username… Introducing Pheed

I woke up to Miley Cyrus’ face in my 10 Things You Need To Know This Morning email. “What are you doing to the technology world this morning, Ms. Cyrus?” Turns out she along with many other celebrities made the news this morning because of their membership to the latest social network: Pheed. I know […]

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What’s Next for Social Media?

Please don’t ever ask me this question: “What’s next for social media?” Better yet, stop asking this question altogether. If you’re seriously thinking to be worried about what’s to come before you can get a handle on what’s happening right now, you’re probably not doing it right in the first place. Social media changes every. […]

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The Cover Photo Meets New Twitter Profile Pages

This morning, CEO of Twitter Dick Costolo appear on the Today Show to introduced new Twitter profile pages as well as mobile applications. The biggest change is the addition of a “header” (or in Facebook speak the “cover photo”). Here is an example of the Savvy Sexy Social Twitter profile: The iPhone app profile: Note: If you […]

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Twitter - SavvySexySocial- ADD with my ideas but I think ...

Can Brands Benefit From Twitter’s 3rd Party Restrictions?

At the beginning of this week, Mashable reported that the Twitter main site has stopped crediting the platforms that users are tweeting with in each update’s details. Another hit for the 3rd party sites that are working with Twitter, this time taking away some significant free advertising. Bad news for them… But could this be […]

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Skippable Ads Coming to YouTube Mobile

You might hate ‘em, but Google and video creators love ‘em! They’re the TrueView ads you see during the YouTube video you’re tuning in to watch. And now they’re coming to mobile. Ad revenue opportunities are running rampant on desktop, but the fact of the matter is that many YouTube viewers are watching via their […]

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New Profile Pages and Photo Maps on Instagram 3.0

In an effort to stay interesting and update anything except the ability to upload video, Instagram released their third version of the app today. The main focus is updated profile pages for users and the ability to tag pictures based on location for ease at looking at archives in a more efficient organization. Since I’m […]

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Twitter Founders Unveil Their Latest Project: Medium

In a tweet this morning, Biz Stone announced a new project from The Obvious Corporation, an incubator launched by Stone and his Co-Founder of Twitter, Evan Williams: Great ideas are Obvious in retrospect. More about Obvious and our newest project, Medium: medium.com/p/3cb1d19eae8 — Biz Stone (@biz) August 14, 2012   Medium is their latest online […]

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CelebBoutique Aurora Tweet

How to Tweet Your Way to Social Suicide

Spoiler Alert: Relate a national tragedy to your super cool product. You’ve no doubt heard about the terrible movie theater massacre in Aurora, Colorado that happened last week. Well, apparently CelebBoutique‘s community manager had not. As you can see from the tweet above, the fashion retailer shared a link to one of their products that was […]

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My Top 5 Sources For Daily Industry News

You gotta feel for businesses today and how difficult it is to keep up with the changing face of marketing. I should know. I swear, half my job is to read the news. So I thought I would share my top 10 sources that I check daily in Google Reader to stay on top of […]

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Facebook Launches App to Manage Your Fan Page

Last week, Facebook got a little mobile happy and released some new apps for iOS. One of them, a camera to rival Instagram WTF?!?!. And the other, an app specifically for the fan pages you administrate for. This is great news because for those managing a community on the go, there hasn’t been a really […]

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