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Top 3 Instagram Marketing Tips from Sue B. Zimmerman

So excited to have my friend Sue B. Zimmerman on Triple S today as she is THE Instagram Expert and is sharing her top 3 Instagram marketing tips for the social platform with us today.

Sue B. Zimmerman is The Instagram Expert and she’s earned that title. When she took her brick-and-mortar store on Cape Code and increased revenues 40% by implementing a fun and engaging Instagram presence that store vistors could get excited about, she knew she had something to teach other businesses.

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My Weekly Video Workflow

Lots of people want to know “how do you get it all done?” When it comes to my marketing strategy and executing three videos per week on YouTube, there’s an important video workflow I follow.

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Social Media

The Over-Like. What’s the deal?

Probably not the biggest problem in the social media world, but today we talk about the over-like? What is it? Watch and find out.

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Social Media

The Feature that Makes Snapchat Win

Snapchat may not have been my favorite in the beginning, but it’s certainly proving to be popular with the masses. Since I’ve changed my mind, I wanted to share why this social network is so popular and how you can think about your marketing strategy while using it to connect in a new way with your target online audience.

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E-mail Marketing

The Magic Word in your Email Subject for More Opens

There’s a special word that will tell your recipients why they should open your email. Follow the magic word in your email subject for a greater open rate.

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