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YouTube Cards are the NEW Calls to Action!

The latest feature from YouTube just might be coming in to replace annotations! YouTube Cards. The new calls to action for your videos!

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Is Meerkat App Changing the Face of Vlogging?

Meerkat App is all the rage after a successful viral launch at SxSW this year. Suddenly, everyone was vlogging! What does this mobile live streaming app mean for video content. I’m sharing those thoughts here today.

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E-mail Marketing

Incentivize Email Subscribers with Exclusivity

Growing your email list when you’re marketing online is critical to the health of your sales funnel when it comes to getting the return on your efforts through social media. In order to create a more likely occasion of having website visitors join your email list, you need to incentivize them. Today’s video shares my tip to make this happen.

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EP 35
The Marketing Lifestyle Show

TMLS 35: Social Media Marketing World, Linkedin Publisher Improvements


Lots going on this week but I’m stoked to be able to fill you in for our weekly chat together. Lots of details about upcoming events, including Social Media Marketing World and Savvy Sexy Social LIVE, as well as my thoughts on how you can introduce new people to your website and Linkedin’s latest move in the right direction.

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Get Great Interviews with Great Outreach

Landing the great outside insights your audience deserves means being on top of your game with how you connect with people. You may think you’re doing them a favor by offering free publicity, but you still have to try hard to get on their calendar. Here are some key tips to great outreach for great interviews.

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