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Building a Business, Social Media

How to Decide a Marketing Tool is Worth the Expense

Not sure whether your should pay for a marketing tool or not? I’ll tell you how to be sure.

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E-mail Marketing

The WRONG Way To Get Your First Email Subscribers

Getting started with email marketing is a tough thing when you don’t have anyone on your list. There are plenty of tactics that can help you get targeted, engaged people on your email list but today we discuss what you should NOT do to get your first email subscribers.

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Podcasting, Vlogging

Video vs. Podcast: Which one is for you?

With so many options for sharing your message online, many brands are asking themselves which route to go. The question between video and podcasting is an interesting one with each of their own perks. So let’s dive into the discussion and which best fits your audience and calls-to-action.

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Summer Book Club Sign Up!

I like to read. Do you? Join the summer book club!

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Blogging, Content Marketing

Why High Volume Content Isn’t Good Enough

Posting more and more content so you can increase traffic? Maybe you should look at your marketing strategy with a different approach.

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