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Increase Social Engagement with Email Marketing

You want great social engagement but are you leaning on your biggest advocates to help you get it done? Today we discuss email marketing and how it can increase your social influence. 

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What is Audience Retention and Why Should You Care?

What is audience retention? This analytic may be hiding in your YouTube dashboard but today we talk about why you need to be paying attention to it.

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One Twitter Search You Should Always Be Watching

Think you know your way around Twitter? If you’re not taking full advantage of Twitter search then you’re probably missing some great opportunities to talk to people who know who you are already!

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How to Announce Your Candidacy on Social Media

Hillary Clinton made her big announcement this week and I thought she set an example worth noting for how to leverage social media when announcing your candidacy.

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Meerkat vs Periscope: The Livestream App Debate

Social is quickly changing again, especially in the development of live streaming apps. So which should you go with? Meerkat or Periscope? I share my thoughts.

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