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Social Networking

Top 7 Facebook Brand Pages in Columbus, Ohio [VIDEO]

I’ve been trying to come up with cool ways to show off awesome brands doing social marketing right. So here ya go. Here is the kick off of a new segment: Seven Sexy Studies. Today I’m sharing the top Columbus, Ohio brands on Facebook. Take notes!

Since I’ve been wanting to do a case study like this for awhile, I thought it only appropriate to start it off with some killer examples from my hometown. So let’s get into it! You might just learn something awesome for your own Facebook presence (isn’t that the point?!)

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Video Marketing

YouTube vs. Vimeo: Which Should You Use? [VIDEO]

Most people know I’m partial to YouTube, but not always. I do believe there is a time when other platforms are more appropriate for your video content. So let’s discuss the majors, shall we? YouTube vs. Vimeo.

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Video Marketing

Multiple YouTube Channels: Do you really need more than one? [VIDEO]

You see all your favorite creators doing it, right? Multiple YouTube channels. But is it necessary or right for you? Let’s talk about it.

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Video Marketing

Why Savvy Sexy Social? [VIDEO]

Everyone wants to know… what’s with the name?¬†In this video, I explain why I need this video series¬†Savvy Sexy Social. And it’s probably not why you think.

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Social Networking, Video Marketing

Newest & Easiest Way to Embed on WordPress [VIDEO]

Remember that video from last week? Yeah well let’s explore more options shall we? There’s actually an EASIER and even newer way you can embed on WordPress! Check it.

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