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How to Get Work Experience When You Have None
Starting a Business

How to Get Work Experience (When You Have None)

Starting in my career as a strategy consultant, I had almost no experience. But as you heard in a previous video, I still quit my full-time job. It didn’t hold me back and I found ways to get experience anyway so I could follow my dream. Click play to find out how I did it.

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How do I script my videos? | #AskAmy

I went over to Instagram and asked the lovely people over there (maybe you?) to ask me a question. Any question! I selected a few and answered them for this episode of #AskAmy! Tune in to learn some weird and crazy and fun things about me and my everyday life.

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Video Marketing

Is vlogging right for me?

I’m so grateful to have this community feel so open with me that I receive emails of your struggles and questions frequently.

One of the questions I often get is the one you see in the headline. So many of you think that you have to be special or a specific kind of person to make video. Well, I’m here to break down that barrier for you today by telling you more about how I started in video creation. Trust me: if I can do it, so can you. (Was that a spoiler? Oops!)

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5 Reasons I'm Not Following You On Twitter
Social Networking

5 Reasons I’m NOT Following You on Twitter

I am a big fan of Twitter. It’s a social network with a special place in my heart because of how fun and easy it is to communicate with people there. However, there are still many people using this tool very wrong — even some people I still follow. If you’re wondering why people are not following you on Twitter, the answer may be in one of these 5 reasons that I won’t be either.

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Articles, Productivity

5 Ways to Start Your Day on the Right Foot

5 Ways to Start Your Day on the Right FootStarting on the right foot, huh? This morning I woke up with the very clear intention to write my first blog post (sans video) in a pretty long time. I went through my morning routine and at the end scheduled time to write.

As I was ready to get started, I sat down at my computer and accidentally put my elbow in my coffee, knocking it down to the floor. Coffee all over me. Coffee all over my chair. Coffee all over the floor.

Somehow this new “Love Maine” mug survived the fall, but nonetheless, a bit of a frustrating way to get started with my brand new day.

The irony of what this post was to be titled — which remained unchanged — is not lost on me.

Every day is not going to be perfect. It just won’t. You already know that and are hoping to make a change for the better by being here and I commend you. But no matter what, things happen. Your job is to overpower the negatives with the positives and that can be helped with a simple list of morning rituals.

Here are a few ways I learned to combat coffee rogue situations and start your day on the right foot.

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