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Starting a Business

5 Tips to Get Freelance Work

Get started freelancing now? Easier said than done. How do you find the work? That’s what this episode of the Freedom Economy series is all about. Here are 5 tips for getting freelance work.

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Video Marketing

Don’t Quit Vlogging Before Your Start

There’s been news recently about video influencers quitting their vlogs.

In other words, shifting their focus from “here’s what my day looks like” to more meaningful videos that make them reenergized about their craft again.

I wanted to comment on this because I hope this isn’t the new excuse for you to not get started with video.

Also, I thought I would color at the same time. ‘Cause, ya know? Why not?

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I was Embarrassed to Make Videos too
Video Marketing

The First Time I Tried Talking to The Camera

Talking to a camera isn’t natural. I’m not here to try to convince you that it is. But I do want you to talk to a camera, as difficult as it may seem. So in order to help you feel a little better I thought I would share a story of when vlogging did not sit right with me. This is the story of the first time I tried to talk to the camera, alone, in my house, in response to a really really really big YouTuber.


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Starting a Business

3 Tools to Freelancing Like a Pro

If you’re going to live life on your own terms as a freelancer, you gotta have the right tools. These are the three I recommend.

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7 Tips to Stop Interrupting People and Become the Best Listener Ever

7 Tips to Stop Interrupting People and Become the Best Listener EverHi. My name is Amy. And I really need to stop interrupting people.

Yes I’m a recovering interrupter. But I promise it’s not because I want to be! It just sort of… happens. So in an effort to get better, these are the 7 tips I’ve learned to go from constantly interrupting people to becoming the best listener ever.

1) Accept it. You’re An Interrupter.

Knowing that you have a tendency to step on others’ words with your own urgent ones is the first step is just recognizing that you have a tendency to do this. It’s going to make you think a lot more throughout conversation when you feel the need to pipe up. Is it the best time? Maybe not.

Here is the video where I came to terms with my serial interrupting. Recovering Interrupter:

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