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The Marketing Lifestyle Show

TMLS 31: All the planning has led to this moment


An exciting unveiling of what I’ve been planning for 2015 at Savvy Sexy Social while also sharing the hard truth about what business has taught me today and how I’m making a change to keep loving what I do.

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Top 3 Best Online Design Tools for Social 2015

These are my favorite online design tools for social that will help you make beautiful graphics on a bootstrapping budget!

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Building a Business

Do The Work

When you’re wondering how someone was able to do something you could never imagine being able to, just remember that when it came time to do the work they did.

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Podcasts That Inspire Me

I love to multitask. Especially when it includes listening to some smart people in my earbuds. These are the podcasts that inspire me these days.

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How to NOT Get More Followers

This bothers me. So I’m sharing it with you so you’ll never do it. K? Thanks. This is how to NOT get more followers. 

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