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My Biggest Tip to Jazz Up Your Linkedin Profile [VIDEO]

For the sake of talking about a lovely social network I haven’t mentioned in awhile, I wanted to share my hack for prettying up my Linkedin profile that has seemed to get the most attention. (Hint: Multimedia again is a thing.)

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Branding & Design

Why Savvy Sexy Social? [VIDEO]

Everyone wants to know… what’s with the name? Here’s the reason Savvy Sexy Social was exactly the right brand name for what we do here and how we help businesses.

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Engagement, Facebook

New Facebook Features for Brand Page Engagement [VIDEO]

It’s so funny that I wanted to talk about acting as a brand page on Facebook today and how you can engage because they JUST added a new feature to make this even EASIER! (Can’t believe I’m saying that.) Check out this tutorial of the new features and some ways you can reach out and make your brand page known in other communities on Facebook.

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Books, Inspiration

The Happiness of Pursuit by Chris Guillebeau Book Review [VIDEO]

I’ve been a fan of Chris Guillebeau for awhile and got really excited to read his latest book: The Happiness of Pursuit. It’s all about finding your quest to add purpose to your life the way he did by visiting every country in the world. So many amazing stories and it motivated me to continue to talk about how I struggle with this so hopefully you can work on it for yourself.

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New Facebook Linking Policy: How To Benefit While Playing By The Rules [VIDEO]

You know Facebook is always learning whatever they can about us, and now they’ve changed their policy on photo prioritization on the news feed. This new Facebook linking policy is nothing to fret about but you need to pay attention to get the most eyes on your content. Tune in for today’s tutorial!

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