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State of Savvy Sexy Social [400 EPISODES!]

We’ve reached the 400th episode of Savvy Sexy Social and I am just in awe. Like woah! Today let’s talk about some things that have happened in the last 100 videos that have continued to shape this community into the resource it was meant to be for small business.

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How Often Should You Post?

This is always the question. Especially for creators who maybe don’t have the size audience they need to take a measurement from. However, there is no reason for this question to cause analyzation paralyzation. You must act.

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I’m taking my show on the road. Introducing #SSSLIVE!

I’m so excited to finally tell you the details of what I’ve been planning to start 2015 off with a bang! So excited!

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The Marketing Lifestyle Show

TMLS 31: All the planning has led to this moment


An exciting unveiling of what I’ve been planning for 2015 at Savvy Sexy Social while also sharing the hard truth about what business has taught me today and how I’m making a change to keep loving what I do.

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Top 3 Best Online Design Tools for Social 2015

These are my favorite online design tools for social that will help you make beautiful graphics on a bootstrapping budget!

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