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Tips When Hiring a Consultant [VIDEO]

It’s a big move. The day you find someone that you truly admire and would appreciate as someone on your team. The consultant that’s going to help you move your business forward. It’s a very important relationship. Both meaningful and equally expensive. So what happens when you’re not prepared with the right information to handle [...]

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Lamarr Wilson on Sexy Exhibit Booths [VIDEO]

I asked you on my Facebook wall what you wanted me to check out at CES this year and I loved Doug Scudder’s suggestion: “Tips on how to make the most out of booth space at an event like CES. What grabs your attention while you’re walking the floor?” Lamarr Wilson, tech lifestyle vlogger on [...]

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Google Plus Integration with YouTube: My Thoughts [VIDEO]

So the sky seems to be falling. At least it is in YouTubeland where all the men and women of the island are being invaded by the one terrorist alien Google Plus. My my. A lot of people have been asking me what I think about the new comment system, clearly forcing a social network’s [...]

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7 Simple Steps to Quickly Increase Your Bottom Line

Is your quest for more leads and clients KILLING your sales? If you’re reading this the chances are that you are working with Amy through Savvy Sexy Social (or Vlog Boss Studios) or are thinking about how vlogging can transform your business. For that, kudos! For most businesses adding value, demonstrating expertise, building credibility and [...]

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Get the Value Creation Mindset with Anthony Iannarino [VIDEO]

So I was helping make some videos with my friend Anthony Iannarino last week and I thought I would steal him to share some of his amazing insights with my socials for Savvy Tuesday. Let me tell you. I made sure to express how important it is that we help you get on a good [...]

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To Lightbox or Not To Lightbox [VIDEO]

There’s been a lot of debate about whether or not blogs and websites should use the lightbox form that pops up in the middle of the screen to collect email contact information. I mean, it is kinda of annoying when it shows up there and you’re in the middle of reading a great article. So [...]

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6 Authors Share What To Know Before You Write Your First Book [QUOTES]

There comes a times in every professional’s life (okay maybe not every, but give me credit for being clever) where they decide they should write a book. As I’ve pondered this, I often wonder what it is that Amazon summaries, inside hardback covers, introductory chapters, and of course, the blogs don’t tell you about the [...]

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When Are You Going To “Blow Up”? [Sunday Real]

I get comments pretty often from friends, fans, viewers, followers, everyone. About my content and videos. How “few” views they have. How more people should know who I am. Why I am just as good or better than the “famous” marketing people out there. And the question is always “when are you going to blow [...]

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How To Make Cheap Awesome Videos [VIDEO]

Equipment. The daunting thing that is causing great minds to not make videos for their audience. It’s such a shame. Especially when multimedia is more in reach today than ever in history. For anyone! So to answer a lot of questions that I get from friends, viewers and clients, I’m going to tell you how [...]

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3 Presentations to Help You Prepare to Speak

I love when I am presented with a speaker who absolutely blows me away. There’s no doubt there were quite a few people that did just that while I attended Ohio Growth Summit this year (like Anthony Iannarino as pictured on the right), which inspired me to look into how I can best prepare myself [...]

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