Vlog Every Day in August 2014 [SIGN UP]

SSSVEDA August 2014
It’s a dream of every blogger/vlogger to build an engaged audience that will be activated and engage in their ideas and calls to action. #SSSVEDA has become a dream come true for me and one that has helped me learn a lot about my community and why they truly enjoy every episode of the Triple S.

They want the greatness they seek to learn more about. And they love the mediums they follow the most and aspire to share their message through them as well.

Here at Savvy Sexy Social we talk a lot about business, marketing, social media, tips, tools, trick, conferences, travel, style, life choices, unicorns, rainbows and what makes us special. But the icing on the cake for viewers is the video experience and learning more about how they can share it with their audiences as well.

VEDA (Vlog Every Day in April/August) was something that was already a consistent trend with YouTubers. A few years ago, I decided to publish it as a challenge for the Savvy Sexy Social audience and create our own chapter. A group who want to try video or think it’s in their future for their marketing efforts but haven’t really had the chance to get acquainted with talking to a camera. People signed up and they gave it their all. And it become a majorly addicting success.

As I write this page, a little later than usual for this month’s challenge, people are sending me tweets asking where this month’s #SSSVEDA sign up is and what the editorial calendar will look like. My heart is warmed with every request and I can’t believe how amazing this community has become. It’s not just about the camera. It’s about everyone having the chance to reach a group of people with their message who are experiencing the same challenges in video creation this month: being consistent.

Thank you so much for being here and want to be the best thought leader that you can be through video. I hope you take this opportunity to meet new people, get familiar with sharing your ideas with those people through a camera lens and never give up even when life happens. We’re all in this together.

See you on YouTube!

What is VEDA?

VEDA = Vlog Every Day in August is a challenge to make a video every day for a month. It’s a tradition in the Savvy Sexy Social community to help vlog noobs learn the ropes to using a video camera to make a connection with their audience online.
Here’s how it works:

  • Sign up below with some basic information about yourself where the #SSSVEDA troop can find each other and follow along with everyone’s efforts.
  • Get familiar with the other participants in the group by checking out the spreadsheet below (automatically updated whenever someone signs up.)
  • Meet and greet with the community on Twitter using the troop hashtag: #SSSVEDA
  • On August 1, 2014, upload your first video and then post a new one every day for the rest of the month.
  • Talk about anything you want or get help from the complimentary calendar of items below so you never have a reason to miss a day.
  • Through the hashtag activity and your video subscriptions, follow along with other video creators and engage their content. The more you give, you can expect to receive and have great people spreading the word about you!
  • Now get signed up and start subscribing to other creators! Tell your friends to join us and get that camera ready!


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