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Even though social media has become a fundamental form of communication across the globe, it is also a concept that is hard to keep up with as frequently as it is changing. One of my passions for working in this industry is sharing as much as I can to help people better understand what social media and online marketing have to offer. For starters, I have my blog here on Savvy Sexy Social. And I also share a lot of information through my social networks. But it’s hard to dig through all the fluff of the online space and get down to the facts of what you need to know. And that’s what I love about speaking. Actually, I don’t even call it “speaking”. It’s more like teaching. Maybe I get that from my elementary school teacher of a mother, but that’s really what it is. I’m not going to show up to tell you why you need to hire me, read my blog, or pay me for products. I speak to teach you what you want to know so I can help you understand what you need to know.

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About Amy:

An authority in digital content marketing and video blogging strategy, Amy Schmittauer is a fearless educator, professional coach, vlogger, speaker, and consultant of impactful social media marketing. With experience of presenting to a range of audience from corporate marketing executives to solopreneurs, Amy has helped move the needle for online presences of thousands of different brands.

Most Requested Topics:

Although every session is tailored in name and content for each individual speaking engagement, the following is a list of popularly requested keynote subjects.

  • Video Blogging: What better way to show off your brand personality than with video? A proven strategy and winning technique for Vlog Boss Studios, learn from Amy about how her online video content marketing strategy has resulted in a loyal audience, multiple revenue streams and a great way to build a business that offers the utmost in value for its clients. Who said video was just a marketing strategy? It’s great customer services too!
  • Content Marketing: It’s easy to join a social network, but what will you say? You need a lot more to impress your audience than just a good product. You need the information they desire. Have Amy share the importance of incorporating content marketing into your online strategy so that you can start amazing conversations that lead to real brand advocates.
  • Social Media ROI: Everyone wants to know how to get return on the investment that is social media marketing. We’ve learned very quickly over the years that this is definitely not free marketing, especially when you consider your time spent. If you want to know how you can see real results with time spent building relationships online, hire Amy to share this message and show you a clear sales funnel that will make all time spent of great value to your company.
  • Twitter Marketing: As one of the best ways online currently to be found organically through great content and conversation, Twitter is an amazing platform to market your brand… if approached correctly. Hire Amy to show you how this truly social platform is your opportunity to be found and known as a thought leader in your industry.



Amy has provided expert input and training guidance to our small business client base at the OSBDC at CSCC. She also proved to be one of the most outstanding presenters during our 8th Annual Ohio Growth Summit. She knows what she’s talking about and knows how to share her expertise to those hungry to learn, ready to apply what they’ve learned so they can, in the end, reap the benefits of doing so! She gets 5 stars from me!

- Nancy Stoll, Columbus State Community College

Amy is a larger than life personality who has the uncanny ability to draw the audience in with her charm and beauty. Extremely professional and hard-working, I highly recommend Amy for Video Blogging and social media services.

John Hondroulis, Social Media / Digital Marketing Strategist

Amy is one of the most well spoken and outgoing personalities I have ever come across. Her understanding of the business world and her ability to market herself and others is unmatched. Her ambition is beyond what most ever dream and I am confident her talents will see her to incredible success in the future. Looking forward to one day working with her in the realm of social media, vloging and where ever else technology and the Internet take us all in the future. If you need a dedicated, organized, think outside of the box mind and a cutting edge way of promoting your business or products…Amy is guaranteed to have the answers and then some!

Nathaniel Peterson, Star of Breaking Trail on Discovery Channel


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September 11, 2014

September 18, 2014

September 25-26, 2014

October 16, 2014

May 2015


Ada, Ohio, USA

Coralville, Iowa,USA

Columbus, Ohio, USA

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Ohio SBDC, Columbus, OH

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