#todaysoffice :: June 12, 2012

“Visiting” home. I say that because I’ll be traveling much of the month. Just getting back from New York, of course. But next week I’ll be taking off for San Francisco and then Los Angeles (Disneyland area, to be exact). Not sure what I was thinking when I booked this month’s travel. Okay maybe I do. I wanted to have a totally bad ass birthday month. Well, it indeed will be but I’m not sure I have he energy level for it. New York took it out of me, and now I’m supposed to leave again for 2 weeks?! But I gotta do it. YOLO. No she didn’t.

So here I sit, at Cafe Brioso – the “coffice”, catching a caffiene buzz to execute as much work as I can this week before travel screws with my schedule again. I’ve never had espresso, but I’m hoping I can do this correctly.