Podcasts That Inspire Me

I love to multitask. Especially when it includes listening to some smart people in my earbuds. These are the podcasts that inspire me these days.

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My Weekly Video Workflow

Lots of people want to know “how do you get it all done?” When it comes to my marketing strategy and executing three videos per week on YouTube, there’s an important video workflow I follow.

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The Marketing Lifestyle Show

TMLS 29: How to get Instagram to convert (and more of your emails)


Taking your emails today so we can answer some great questions and help everyone get more social the right way in 2015!

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Social Media

The Over-Like. What’s the deal?

Probably not the biggest problem in the social media world, but today we talk about the over-like? What is it? Watch and find out.

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Social Events

CES 2015: The Coolest Techy Things

I definitely saw some awesome stuff at CES 2015 this year and I wanted to share a little of that insight with you. P.S. Can you believe how decent my iPhone video footage is? I mean hell ya!

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