How to Activate Tip Jar for Fan Funding on YouTube

You may have seen my video when the tip jar was first announced by YouTube. Now check out this tutorial about how you can officially activate Fan Funding on your channel.

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The Marketing Lifestyle Show

25: What You Need to Know About My 2015 Plans


The holidays are upon us and I’m recovering from my tryptophan coma via Thanksgiving. But on this host only episode of The Marketing Lifestyle Show, I wanted to share some things on my mind as we’re closing out the year and what you can expect for the upcoming 2015 and my plans to make it the best year ever.

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A Quick Tip to Increase Facebook Organic Reach

Facebook. The neverending story of a business scorned. But there’s a little trick to at least make a small difference in your Facebook page’s organic reach. Check it out in this tutorial.

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A Savvy Sexy Social Resource Hub

With all the same questions all the time, I figured it was a good opportunity to answer most of them in a resource page. So that’s what this video is explaining. You’re welcome.

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Building a Business, Social Media

What To Do When Your Customers Aren’t On Social

So you’re not sure what to do because your customers aren’t on social media? Lots of companies are targeting customers who are probably categorized as anti-social. But with so much reach with the big social media networks, there are still ways you can get through. Think bigger.

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