The Marketing Lifestyle Show, ep 40 with Lindsey Rainwater
The Marketing Lifestyle Show

TMLS 40: Lindsey Rainwater shares the “State of Awake” Approach for Business


Conscious Living Coach Lindsey Rainwater joins me for a chat on The Marketing Lifestyle Show this week, and it’s great timing. I’ve been giving myself some extra love and care in how I treat my body and my approach to every day on the job. Lindsey dives into what it means to be in a “state of awake” in your business rather than “in sleepiness” (which I think we all can use help with sometimes) as well as how things have changed for her brand since she worked with me in a Pick My Brain session a year ago!

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When “Follow Me On Twitter” Goes Wrong

Of course you want people to follow you on Twitter… if you actually engage! More on this and a little rant in today’s video.

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3 Biggest Myths about being a Video Personality

So many of your following this blog have probably thought about creating video after seeing me execute my message to you through it, but still haven’t tried it. Today I share the 3 biggest myths that are probably holding you back from getting started as an authority in your space by way of getting on video.

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Public Relations, Social Media

How to Announce Your Candidacy on Social Media

Hillary Clinton made her big announcement this week and I thought she set an example worth noting for how to leverage social media when announcing your candidacy.

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The Marketing Lifestyle Show

TMLS 39: Motivational Mission Statements, People and Environments


In an effort to try something different, I’m posting this mini-session of the podcast on a Monday. Some ideas and thoughts from over the weekend and what I hope you’ll do for your brand that sets your week off on the right foot.

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