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23: Branding Like a Boss with Maria Ross


Today’s guest and I both grew up in the booming metropolis of Columbus, Ohio, yet really didn’t cross paths until we started hangin’ in social media. Recently we were on a podcast together and the host of the show basically dropped off and let us banter back and forth. That got me thinking: I should have Maria Ross on the Marketing Lifestyle Show. And so today, I have the pleasure of chatting with one of the top branding strategists and author of “Branding Basics for Small Business,” (the second edition includes a case study of me!) And by the way, she loves me so much that she has not one, but two special offers for my awesome listeners.

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YouTube Channel Critique: From Good to Great!

Thanks to Nexus Workspace for being a good sport for this episode of the Triple S as I critique their YouTube channel on what they can do to go from good to great.

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How To Have Confidence in your Content

This video was inspired by a question from a member of Amy’s Elite about Imposter Syndrome and how to feel better about the personality you’re instilling in your online voice. Is it lame or effective?

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Join me at Social Media Marketing World 2015!

I have had the great pleasure to be asked to speak at Social Media Marketing World 2015 on… what else… video blogging! Woo! You should be there!

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The Marketing Lifestyle Show

22: Post-Vacation Bronchitis, Facebook Dark Posts and more Q&A


Feeling refreshed and ready for a new episode of the podcast, oh yeah except for the whole bronchitis thing. That’s what happens when you travel I guess. Because it seems to be happening more frequently to me. Old age? Ugh.

We’re engaging in a little Facebook Q&A today. No guest. I posed the question to my Facebook page that I wanted them to ask me anything. So brace yourself for that.

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