What is “Above The Fold” and Why You Need To Take Advantage [VIDEO]

Last week during Shoot The Schmitt, as I was critiquing a bunch of your websites, it became clear that many of you are not aware of how important it is to have certain items “above the fold” as we marketing geeks say. Let’s talk about it, okay? Watch What is “Above The Fold” and Why You [...]

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Shoot The Schmitt: Friday Fun — LIVE FRIDAY 3PM ET [INVITE]

Come hang out with me Friday at 3pm ET. You’re welcome to stay on this page until it’s time to start Click PLAY! At the very least you can watch the coolest countdown clock on the internet.

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Announcing #SSSVEDA April 2014 [VIDEO]

It’s back! Vlog Every Day In April is here and it’s time to sign up with the #SSSVEDA Troop! Get ready for the ultimate assignment of vlogging to get you familiar with the camera and making some new friends on YouTube! Watch Announcing #SSSVEDA: Vlog Every Day in April (or August) is a challenge to make a [...]

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A Technique to Make Your Site a Little More Fun [VIDEO]

Personality is always something we’re reaching for in this social media age. In this week’s Sexy Wednesday, I’m sharing a fun idea that will make it a little less painful to go through the usual page encounters a website visitor experiences. Watch A Technique to Make Your Site a Little More Fun: You know you’ve [...]

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My Goal for the Next Year [VIDEO]

I’ve been giving a lot of thoughts around my goals and how I feel about where I am in my career. And I think it’s time to make a bold statement. Learn what it is in this Savvy Tuesday episode. Watch My Goal for the Next Year: In 2012, I started counting down to my [...]

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How to Search Local Tweets on Twitter [VIDEO]

One of the best things about Twitter is the ability to use search. For those who are geographically restricted to who their potential clientele can be, it’s even better. In this week’s Social Thursday, I’m doing a short tutorial on how you can take advantage of location-based details so you’re only finding tweets relative to [...]

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Why You Should Share Your Fails Proudly [VIDEO]

Sh*t happens. Right? There’s not much we can do about it. The only way to get anywhere in the world is to try new things and then correct when the outcome you were hoping for doesn’t happen. What I love about fails is that we are the failers have an opportunity with these things to [...]

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This Silly Mistake Will Make Clients Take You Less Seriously [VIDEO]

There are so many small things that we do in business to get moving and start opening the door for customers and clients. Taking the cheap way out at certain points (or maybe all) is a good way to make potential business start judging how seriously they should take you early on. Even as soon [...]

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How to Find Your First Facebook Likes [VIDEO]

A lot of small businesses who approach me about how to use Facebook are ones who don’t have any likes. Are just getting started and don’t know how to organically grow. Now, I don’t like to add weight on the “we need more likes” conversation (and believe me, I harp on that in the video) [...]

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Off-Season: How to Market Efficiently During This Time

Melanie asked a great question about what she can be doing to better market her business when it’s a seasonal location and they are closed for a period of time. I know this is the case with a lot of different types of businesses, so I thought it would be appropriate for learning how to [...]

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