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My name is Amy Schmittauer and I am the Vlog Boss.
I help people like you vlog like a boss and go after the life they want.

Do you have a message that must be shared? Do you have an idea that needs an action plan? Do you want to increase the impact of people you help?

I'm here to help you take action and build a personal brand people know, trust and love.

Whether you need a keynote speaker, a video blog training course or a coach to show you the way, my mission is to help you build work around a life you love.

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What Colleagues and Clients Are Saying

  • I was really impressed with Amy's style and poise on the stage. Very professional and her talk was actionable and entertaining. An awesome speaker.

    Mark Schaefer Best Selling Author
  • Amy has challenged me as a video creator to push myself and constantly evolve my content. As a result in less than 6 months I grew my email list from 300 to over 3000 subscribers by engaging the audience I already had.

    Roberto Blake YouTuber
  • Learning from Amy was a game-changer for my business because not only has she taught the technical details and strategy for improving my YouTube channel and videos, she leads by example in her own videos and channel. Amy’s insight gave me the confidence I needed to start creating videos in my business in an authentic (and fun) way.

    Meredith Marsh Vlogger,
  • Amy is one of the very best speakers that I have had the pleasure to listen to and learn from. Her quality, content and delivery techniques are superb. She captivates a diverse and informed audience and yet highly engages them. You will learn a significant amount in a short space of time listening to Amy, and if it's your event you will enjoy seeing delegates highly impressed! I would highly recommend engaging Amy as a speaker.

    Joanna Goddard Consultant


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