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It’s time to take this video show on the road!

Successful video creator and marketing consultant Amy Schmittauer from Savvy Sexy Social is taking her show on the road so you can have the IRL (in real life) experience you need to get started with video for your brand! No more excuses. Time to execute!


Savvy Sexy Social LIVE is an interactive, social, and actionable full-day event where you’ll discover the details of how to get started with video content marketing, and create your first video the very same day!

Spend the day with Amy, other like-minded brands and guest speakers developing and implementing a video content strategy that will boast value and show engagement, impacting true return on your web presence that moves the needle for you.

Whether you’re selling products, services, or a brand personality, you need to learn how to make smart video. That’s what this interactive seminar and hands-on learning experience is designed to do.


Discover strategies and tactics for video marketing, including:

  • Filming techniques and strategies for on-camera personalities
  • Designing an effective and intentional content strategy
  • A proven formula for a video that helps you boost audience retention
  • YouTube search optimization tips that will help increase audience organically


  • Make a video ON SITE with Amy’s assistance and guidance so you have your first #SSSLIVE approved content to share immediately!
  • Learn from featured speakers who have experience and notoriety both behind and in front of a camera!

Workshop Dates:

More #SSSLIVE dates coming soon!

Click here to inquire about bringing the workshop to your city!

NOV 14

Please Note: Max. 10 attendees per date. Don’t hesitate to register before your local city sells out!

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Savvy Sexy Social LIVE has been in the works for years, and we’re finally ready to bring the experience to you. You’ll have the unique opportunity to work with a consultant who can show you how to contribute to your sales funnel through social media and video marketing without paying a premium for their time. This is the perfect option for those who want actionable advice and hands-on experience but can’t approve the large allocation of resources. You’ll receive a full day of planning and implementation for the price of a what many marketing consultants charge for an hour.


Be prepared to act and bring your video camera (smartphone video IS approved!) Stop letting budget get in the way and get yourself to Savvy Sexy Social LIVE!



More about the featured speakers:

Austin Evans   Austin is a top name in technology review on YouTube with a channel that has amassed more than 100 million views. No doubt an excellent videographer throughout his work, he never lets his brand professionalism slip away from a project whether he’s using a top-grade, pro videocamera or something as accessible as an iPhone. Meet him at the Columbus, OH #SSSLIVE event.

Sue B. Zimmerman   Sue B. is the founder of the online Instagram course Insta-Results™, the author of Instagram Basics for your Business, a CreativeLive instructor, a speaker and business coach. She teaches entrepreneurs, business execs, and marketing professionals how to leverage the power of Instagram for real business results. As a serial entrepreneur, Sue B. has started over eighteen businesses, including SueB Do, Boxer Rebellion and Sue B. Zimmerman Enterprise. Instagram is the reason she is now running a multiple 6-figure businesses and we’re going to discuss its relevancy to video content marketing with her at the New York City #SSSLIVE event.

What Socials are saying about Savvy Sexy Social LIVE:


“After attending SSSLive, creating and publishing my first 5 videos for my YouTube channel was a breeze.  I left the workshop with so much confidence, technical skill, and motivation.  Not only do I feel more comfortable in front of the camera, but my editing skills drastically improved too.  Amy’s relaxed but professional attitude made me feel at ease and welcomed, but her support and encouragement has made all the difference.  

The best part about the event is that I became more clear on my purpose behind making videos which resulted in a new, paying client.  This clarity pushes me to continue to create videos that serve my customers and my overall mission.”
-Amber Smith,

With registration, you get-


Cancellation policy:
Attendee cancellations recieved at least 30 days in advance of the scheduled event are eligible for a full refund less transactions fees. If a cancellation is received 15 days in advance of the scheduled event, attendee is eligible for a 50% refund. Any other cancellation requests must be for a proven extenuating circumstance to be considered.
Savvy Sexy Social LIVE reserves the right to cancel an event due to low enrollment or other circumstances no less than 15 days to the scheduled event. Should circumstances arise that result in the cancellation of the event, attendees will either receive a full refund or have the option to transfer registration to another scheduled event date.


  1. DavidSargant

    Schmittastic if you ever need a helping hand from someone operating in London on GMT, to get things setup, I’m happy to help you out.

  2. Schmittastic

    DavidSargant I’ll definitely keep you in mind. Mind if I email you directly next week when we go full launch for this one?

  3. DavidSargant

    Schmittastic Twitter told me, but hasn’t updated to allow me DM you yet. Will ping it over as soon as it does. Weird.

  4. Schmittastic

    The_ChrisBryant Thanks Chris! I hope you can join or if you know someone who would be a good fit, your personal rec would mean a lot!

  5. psnow85

    Schmittastic so things have been busy since Christmas then! What a start to 2015. Hope Lucy is ok.

  6. SavvySexySocial

    fdgifford well thank you! I appreciate that. Your help in spreading the word means the world to me. 🙂

  7. fdgifford

    SavvySexySocial You’re welcome. Why do you believe you built this brand when so many peers don’t even try?

  8. fdgifford

    SavvySexySocial You said you’ve been working 4 years. Many your age have struggled to get jobs no less start a biz like yours

  9. SavvySexySocial

    fdgifford Everyone has to do their share of the work. They choose where and how to do it. I chose this. I can’t speak for them.

  10. Schmittastic

    TheStaceyHarris Thank you Stacey! If you have any friends who might get value out of it, would you mind sharing?

  11. caesaralan1

    austinnotduncan Schmittastic why alot of amazon stuff cant be ship to other Countries its only allowed for us?

  12. JerkyXP

    DoctaM3 austinnotduncan Schmittastic We would love to meet up, just let us know, we’re always here on twitter 🙂

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    austinnotduncan so on the photon. What would I do if I wanna upgrade the graphics card. How can I tell if like the CPU can handle it???

  14. SellYourAskOff

    SavvySexySocial Schmittastic Bought my ticket for S.D.-my town. We need to get acquinted before #TTT15 #vlogyouraskoff #sellyouraskoff

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    SellYourAskOff austinnotduncan Austin’s actually only doing the Cbus event, Tanya. I wish I could bring him everywhere! LOL #SSSLIVE

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    SavvySexySocial austinnotduncan gotcha! Sorry didn’t tag you because I didn’t want to be the annoying twitter tagger. #TwitterNewbie

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    SavvySexySocial BTW I have big youtube plans and you will be the peanut butter to the jelly. Can’t wait to learn from you. #SSSLIVE

  18. SavvySexySocial

    Holla! “SellYourAskOff: BTW I have big youtube plans and you will be the peanut butter to the jelly.Can’t wait to learn from you. #SSSLIVE”

  19. Schmittastic

    wuwu56 Canterucci SavvySexySocial We’re going to have a great time, Lester! So glad you’re joining. Thanks for being awesome, Jim!

  20. imEbony

    stephelisecarls Schmittastic I will definitely check this out and see if my schedule will allow me coming to see you! I’d love that.

  21. stephelisecarls

    imEbony fantastic! Schmittastic will be sharing amazing tips! Would love to have you in Austin, but if Dallas is easier, I understand! 🙂

  22. iCodyTV

    SavvySexySocial I REALLY want to! I have a client in Columbus I’m meeting with in the next couple weeks. Trying to line the dates up!

  23. AdamLehman

    SavvySexySocial congrats on #SSSLIVE. Fun following along via Twitter.

  24. MattFromRI

    Schmittastic SavvySexySocial I wish you were in Austin for SXSW! I would have registered! Still trying to make the NYC one!

  25. meganjphoto

    SavvySexySocial man I’d love to meet, but I’m confident on my video game. Will you be at nmx by any chance?

  26. SavvySexySocial

    meganjphoto Nope. I grew out of that one a long time ago. I’ll be speaking at SMMW this month and then my tour will be most of April.

  27. meganjphoto

    SavvySexySocial yea I a lot peeps say that. I love what you’re doing. smmw looks interesting.

  28. ap_creative

    SavvySexySocial this is killer. Love what you’re up to… never seen the traveling model incorporated like this.

  29. sebrusk

    SavvySexySocial are you inviting other speakers? Would love to chat about bow ties and videos if so! U0001f609

  30. NotIdlyBy

    SavvySexySocial love your questions on the #askgaryvee show so excited for u! keep up the great work!

  31. Megan Pangan

    AWW thanks for the shout out, I’m really in awe of your crazy drive and passion for video marketing.

  32. Sue B. Zimmerman

    I can not wait to be w Amy teaching others how to use Instagram Videos for Business

  33. Savvy Sexy Social

    Your insights are INVALUABLE! Instagram and video are buds just like you and me, girl!

  34. NoChefsAllowed

    SavvySexySocial I have another video in the works now! Thanks for giving me that push and know how to move.

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    SavvySexySocial austinnotduncan is wearing my exact jacket. Not even kidding. Bought it recently haha.

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