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300th Video! How I Increased Subscribers and Views in 7 Months [VIDEO]

I’m so excited to reach my 300th episode of the Triple S. Today’s video is just like how we celebrated the 200th: reviewing the changes to the channel over this time and how my strategies helped it grow. Get ready to take notes! Watch How I Increased Subscribers and Views in 7 Months: Case Study: Today [...]

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How Do You Use the Twitter Favorite Button? [VIDEO]

This little button has always been a great resource for me, but probably not for the original reason it was created. And now with new profiles and the Discover tab algorithm, I’m starting to give it a second thought. Discussion based video today, friends. Watch How Do You Use the Twitter Favorite Button: So we [...]

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Tips for Students on Building a Brand [VIDEO]

I had the pleasure of speaking to the local PRSA chapter here in Columbus Ohio yesterday about video and the advantages to the medium in today’s world of digital media and public relations. My favorite part of speaking is after I’ve delivered the talk and get the questions people want to ask (but not during [...]

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Announcing #SSSVEDA April 2014 [VIDEO]

It’s back! Vlog Every Day In April is here and it’s time to sign up with the #SSSVEDA Troop! Get ready for the ultimate assignment of vlogging to get you familiar with the camera and making some new friends on YouTube! Watch Announcing #SSSVEDA: Vlog Every Day in April (or August) is a challenge to make a [...]

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This Silly Mistake Will Make Clients Take You Less Seriously [VIDEO]

There are so many small things that we do in business to get moving and start opening the door for customers and clients. Taking the cheap way out at certain points (or maybe all) is a good way to make potential business start judging how seriously they should take you early on. Even as soon [...]

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RANT: Stop Burning Bridges [VIDEO]

Why does quitting your job always have to be a viral sensation. Well, it’s finally come back to bite someone in the you-kn0w-what. And I say it’s about time! Watch RANT: Stop Burning Bridges Sure. It’s pretty cool when we see someone quit their job in the most amazing way (like Marina Shifrin when she [...]

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Shoot the Schmitt Friday Lunch with JONvincible [VIDEO/AUDIO]

In an effort to “hang out” more often via live shows on the YouTube channel, I brought my friend JONvincible aboard for an afternoon chat (while I slam an awesome lunch) to take some questions from viewers. Watch Shoot the Schmitt Friday Lunch with JONvincible: Listen:

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Fave Comments Questions AND CARDS from January [VIDEO]

If you are familiar with my normal monthly posting schedule, I should have made a video last Thursday with my favorite comments and questions from the month. But as you can see, I just was too excited about the Marc Jacobs story. So we’re going to have Savvy Tuesday be a bit social today and [...]

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January Social Shout Outs [VIDEO]

I love this video every month. Paying homage to the cool people and things that are happening so that you can stay up to date as well. I’m going to roll into my shout outs of the month but I want you to know if you think I need to know about something cool happening [...]

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Sexy Listening With Advanced Twitter Search [VIDEO]

I was inspired by a meeting I had with a client about ways that we could find interesting conversations on Twitter to engage with. The Advanced Search option was totally key for really targeting our results and getting less noise to filter through. Check out this week’s Sexy Wednesday with a little screen capture action [...]

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