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Buffer’s Daily App Helps You Find Tweets to Share [VIDEO]

Once again the spotlight is on Buffer and the beautiful ideas they have before everyone else. I just love them! You have to try out this app they just created to make it even more easy to discover great info to share to your communities! Watch Buffer’s Daily App Helps You Find Tweets to Share: You’re [...]

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How to Auto-Share Your New Blog Posts [VIDEO]

We have another message from the Amy’s Elite tribe. This one is from Brian Dane: Do you know of a free WordPress plugin that will automatically tweet new posts and maybe even post them on other platforms? Boy do I. Tune in to find out more. Watch How to Auto-Share Your New Blog Posts: The plugin [...]

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Twitter Accounts: Should You Have More Than One? [VIDEO]

People often ask me why I have two Twitter accounts or if I recommend if they have more than one. It’s different for everyone because of personal brands vs. professional brands, but I at least wanted to explain my story and give an idea of why I have @Schmittastic and @SavvySexySocial. Watch Twitter Accounts: Should You [...]

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Top 5 Ways to Get More Followers on Twitter [VIDEO]

Gotta love the videos that answer the biggest questions of all, right? How many times have you asked this? Here are the best ways to ACT and get more followers on Twitter. Watch Top 5 Ways to Get More Followers on Twitter: 1. Share Value Everyone’s audience is different and the faster you start sharing [...]

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How I Schedule My Tweets with Buffer App [VIDEO]

I’ve made a video about this before but I wanted to make an updated version because how I do things is even more simple than it was before when it comes to scheduling Twitter activity on the @SavvySexySocial account. This is a tutorial of how I do everything with Buffer App. Watch How I Schedule [...]

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Check Out the New Twitter Profiles [VIDEO]

I’m always happy when Twitter makes changes. It’s always getting better and better and that makes it continue to be my favorite social network. The profiles are getting revamped and offering awesome new features. Check it out. Watch Check Out the New Twitter Profiles: The new layout is coming soon to everyone over the next [...]

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Upload Multiple Photos in a Tweet with the Twitter App [VIDEO]

Some news for the Twitter world this week that makes photo sharing a little more fun over there. Trying to get people to think bigger than Instagram? I think so… Watch:Upload Multiple Photos in a Tweet with the Twitter App: Recently Twitter announced that they were making photo sharing a little “more social” on their [...]

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How to Search Local Tweets on Twitter [VIDEO]

One of the best things about Twitter is the ability to use search. For those who are geographically restricted to who their potential clientele can be, it’s even better. In this week’s Social Thursday, I’m doing a short tutorial on how you can take advantage of location-based details so you’re only finding tweets relative to [...]

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Favorite Comments and Questions from November [VIDEO]

Since tomorrow is Thanksgiving and we usually do this the last Thursday of the month, this week’s Sexy Wednesday episode is all about my favorite comments and questions from November! Watch Favorite Comments and Questions from November: 1) From Dylan about getting YouTube and Twitter to cross-promote     “I have a tech channel on YouTube [...]

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InstaQuote App Review [VIDEO]

Since photos are obviously so crucial in social media marketing, I thought I would do an app review of the one I use most often to grab the attention of my network with beautiful text quotes. Watch InstaQuote App Review I really like InstaQuote (available in both the iTunes and Google Play stores) because it focuses [...]

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