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Increase Engagement By Making It Easy

You want engagement? Then make it EASY on your audience! Here are some tools to help you pull it off.

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Newest & Easiest Way to Embed on WordPress [VIDEO]

Remember that video from last week? Yeah well let’s explore more options shall we? There’s actually an EASIER and even newer way you can embed on WordPress! Check it.

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How to Embed Videos and Tweets in WordPress [VIDEO]

I got this question about how to embed videos and tweets and thought how I should probably talk about this more since I’m constantly stressing the importance of making videos and ALSO having a website. The two have to work together don’t they? So here is a tutorial for embedding rich media like videos and tweets into WordPress blogs.

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Twitter Engagement: How to get more NOW [VIDEO]

So no one is responding to your profound and interesting Twitter activity? There’s one simple way to have a target, relevant audience give you more Twitter engagement. Watch to learn how.

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Sneaky Linking Strategy for Social Media Conversations [VIDEO]

Striking up conversations on Twitter to attract new clients? I have a great linking strategy to help you keep them hooked.

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