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More YouTube Views: How to get them with Playlists [VIDEO]

You want more YouTube views right? Well, YouTube actually wants to help you with that. The Playlist feature is underrated and over delivers. Learn how to use it to boost your online brand. Watch More YouTube Views: How to get them with Playlists: The tutorial in the video takes you through a lot of great [...]

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Vlog Every Day for 31 Days with me: #SSSVEDA Sign Up [VIDEO]

You asked for (God love ya) and now it’s here! Time to get the ol’ vlogging camera out and get ready for #SSSVEDA! Watch Vlog Every Day for 31 Days with me: Every April and August, the Savvy Sexy Social community gets together to vlog our little pants off. Yes. VEDA stands for Vlog Every Day [...]

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Why Posting Social-to-Social is a Bad Idea [VIDEO]

I talk to people every single day to see if my company would be a good fit for them to bring in to improve their marketing strategy and sales funnel. I spoke with someone today that brought up a great point and misconception about social media posting. Watch Why Posting Social-to-Social is a Bad Idea: I [...]

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New YouTube Features with Tim Schmoyer of VideoCreators [VIDEO]

What’s super fun about YouTube is getting to collaborate with other vloggers. And lucky for me, Tim Schmoyer of the YouTube channel VideoCreators lives in Ohio! Just a couple hours from me. So I made the road trip (with a borrowed car, of course) to go see him and his family and make videos. The [...]

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YouTubers Dom Esposito and Austin Evans on Building a Successful YouTube Channel for Search

Podcast: Play in new window | Download   Being an American means challenging yourself everyday to get better and rising to the occasion. So as we prepare to celebrate our nation’s birthday, I decided to really challenge myself on this episode of the Marketing Lifestyle Show. For the first time, I’m conducting the interview in [...]

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The Coolest Guy at VidCon 2014 [VIDEO]

I was super impressed with someone at VidCon this year and it compelled me to make this video. If you want to know what it’s like to be the coolest guy at VidCon, tune in. Watch The Coolest Guy at VidCon 2014: I hope VidCon sees this video if they’re not already aware of the events [...]

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Get paid on YouTube with the New Tip Jar [VIDEO]

At VidCon last week, YouTube announced that they would be providing a few new features for creators including an option to monetize in a new way: The Tip Jar. Watch Get Paid on YouTube with the New Tip Jar: Not that there are lots of options in the marketplace to compete with YouTube’s partner program for [...]

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Tech YouTubers Share Video SEO Secrets [VIDEO]

You know VidCon went pretty well when I have a video with some of the top tech guru YouTubers in a parking lot, filming at 4 in the morning. The sign of greatness, for sure. Watch Tech YouTubers Share Video SEO Secrets: You may just want to upload a video and then send it to all [...]

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How To ROCK VidCon [VIDEO]

I’m very excited to be on a plane right now to the west coast where I can reunite with all my fabulous video creator friends and make beautiful beautiful videos. This is the ultimate time of year to collaborate and help each other grow channels more organically, so get ready to learn how to ROCK [...]

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Why YouTube Views Are Declining (and How to Recover) :: Response to Wheezy Waiter [VIDEO]

I am a big fan of Wheezy Waiter, a very popular YouTube creator. And he took the time last week to talk about YouTube views and the current trend that is happening with his channel in their decline. Extremely relevant content to this audience I thought I would chime in on to help you figure [...]

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