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Check Out the New Twitter Profiles [VIDEO]

I’m always happy when Twitter makes changes. It’s always getting better and better and that makes it continue to be my favorite social network. The profiles are getting revamped and offering awesome new features. Check it out. Watch Check Out the New Twitter Profiles: The new layout is coming soon to everyone over the next […]

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Upload Multiple Photos in a Tweet with the Twitter App [VIDEO]

Some news for the Twitter world this week that makes photo sharing a little more fun over there. Trying to get people to think bigger than Instagram? I think so… Watch:Upload Multiple Photos in a Tweet with the Twitter App: Recently Twitter announced that they were making photo sharing a little “more social” on their […]

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How to Search Local Tweets on Twitter [VIDEO]

One of the best things about Twitter is the ability to use search. For those who are geographically restricted to who their potential clientele can be, it’s even better. In this week’s Social Thursday, I’m doing a short tutorial on how you can take advantage of location-based details so you’re only finding tweets relative to […]

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Sexy Listening With Advanced Twitter Search [VIDEO]

I was inspired by a meeting I had with a client about ways that we could find interesting conversations on Twitter to engage with. The Advanced Search option was totally key for really targeting our results and getting less noise to filter through. Check out this week’s Sexy Wednesday with a little screen capture action […]

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Favorite Comments and Questions from November [VIDEO]

Since tomorrow is Thanksgiving and we usually do this the last Thursday of the month, this week’s Sexy Wednesday episode is all about my favorite comments and questions from November! Watch Favorite Comments and Questions from November: 1) From Dylan about getting YouTube and Twitter to cross-promote     “I have a tech channel on YouTube […]

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InstaQuote App Review [VIDEO]

Since photos are obviously so crucial in social media marketing, I thought I would do an app review of the one I use most often to grab the attention of my network with beautiful text quotes. Watch InstaQuote App Review I really like InstaQuote (available in both the iTunes and Google Play stores) because it focuses […]

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Retweets: How To Say Thank You [VIDEO]

Retweets have become a seamless process on Twitter since you don’t have to worry about character count as of a few years ago. This means they are happening more often, which also means people are getting lazier as to how they respond to this social media love. Some people just let the retweets happen and […]

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Flock to Unlock for More Retweets [VIDEO]

Encouraging more retweets of your Twitter content is a great way to increase engagement with friends of your brand. But it’s not so simple as just asking for it for no reason. Just like with everything else, there needs to be some incentive for your audience to follow your calls-to-action. So for Social Thursday we’re […]

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Twitter Lists: A Content Metric

When you’re marketing a brand online, a very important part of the process is making sure your audience is actually receiving you the way you’d like to be. Even if you think you know exactly what people know you for via the information and help you provide, it’s always interesting to know as a content […]

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Tweet Like Southwest Airlines [VIDEO]

The best inspiration for setting up a great social media update plan is to look at a big sexy brand that is absolutely owning it. And as you likely know, there are few brands that fit that description as well as Southwest Airlines. For this week’s Sexy Wednesday, we’re going to look at some sample […]

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