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Tweet Like a Pro with

You know you found an amazing new tool when you thought life was good and it suddently gets infinitely better. Today, that’s what I’m sharing about how I’m scheduling my tweets.

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NEW Twitter Video is HERE

Stoked that Twitter finally allows you to upload video directly to the social network rather than relying on third party apps like Vine or Instagram. Here is my initial reaction.

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How Often Should You Post?

This is always the question. Especially for creators who maybe don’t have the size audience they need to take a measurement from. However, there is no reason for this question to cause analyzation paralyzation. You must act.

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How to NOT Get More Followers

This bothers me. So I’m sharing it with you so you’ll never do it. K? Thanks. This is how to NOT get more followers. 

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Research Hashtags with Ritetag

We all know hashtags help us with discovery, but when was the last time you actually researched those keywords you’re adding to your social content? Ritetag helps you know while you’re drafting tweets whether it’s a good hashtag or if you’re wasting precious space.

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