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Twitter Lists Update [VIDEO]

Twitter announced a big change to the way they do Twitter lists this week and a ‘hallelujah’ is definitely in order. Watch Twitter Lists Update: Twitter lists are a great way to keep organized the people you are following which makes it a lot easier to target audiences and effectively market yourself. They were pretty [...]

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Why Twitter Doesn’t Work For You [VIDEO]

Something I hear quite often about Twitter is that “it doesn’t work” or “no one is over there”. Well ahem. And ahem. So yeah. If you think that, you’re pretty much wrong. But it’s a matter of using it right and knowing you’re being exposed to the right audience for your brand. To say “Twitter [...]

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My Social Scheduling Routine with Hootsuite and Buffer App [VIDEO]

Social scheduling is a great way to make social media presence a little more managable for small businesses. I’ve definitely discussed my strategies before, but I wanted to update you on my latest routine for scheduling activity that has been the most efficient for me. Tune in to learn my social scheduling routine with Hootsuite [...]

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It’s time for a #Hashtag Refresh [VIDEO]

Per the request of a viewer, this Social Thursday is all about hashtags. What they are and what they’re good for. I’ll be covering everything for how to use them to market your business and Twitter presence to how you might see them used as nothing more than a good laugh. Tune in for your [...]

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Networking with Twitter Chats [VIDEO]

Twitter has become a staple platform for businesses to interact with their audiences and other communities, so it makes sense that Twitter chats have been so popular for about as long as the site has been around for people to come together at a designated time to discuss something their passionate about. There are so [...]

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Wanna #VlogChat With Me? [POLL]

I started chatting with Mack Collier, Founder of the Twitter chat #BlogChat, on one of his blog posts the other day about how I hadn’t engaged with one of his chats recently because of how crowded it had become. He wanted me to give it another shot so this past Sunday, I did. And I [...]

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More Ways to Get More Twitter Followers [INFOGRAPHIC]

I found this infographic on, a site dedicated to helping you get more Twitter followers. There are more than 30 action items for you to do to make your social network more visible to a targeted audience: If you like these tips be sure to subscribe to the Savvy Sexy Social newsletter to get [...]

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Grow Your Twitter Network With These Twitter Searches

Because there is so much potential to grow your presence with Twitter, it’s really important to be tracking results for certain searches so you can stay informed and take advantage of a conversation that will help people learn about you and what you do. The following are types of searches you should have consistently running [...]

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5 Ways to Find Your Audience on Twitter

You’ll often hear me say that Twitter is one of the best platforms to help you organically grow your community. With so much conversation happening, it’s hard not to see the possibilities. But it may not be as easy to see how to actually find the people who might make up your brand’s community. If [...]

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The Cover Photo Meets New Twitter Profile Pages

This morning, CEO of Twitter Dick Costolo appear on the Today Show to introduced new Twitter profile pages as well as mobile applications. The biggest change is the addition of a “header” (or in Facebook speak the “cover photo”). Here is an example of the Savvy Sexy Social Twitter profile: The iPhone app profile: Note: If you [...]

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