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iJustine on CES2014 Vlogging and Social Media [VIDEO]

I’ve finally reunited with iJustine! It’s been a few years since I made a video with her, in fact, at my first ever CES. We’ve come together for this Social Thursday episode to talk about the cool things in vlogging and social that made the cut at the tech conference this year. Watch iJustine on [...]

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2014 Resolutions for Your Business [VIDEO]

You may be having a hard time with your personal new year’s resolutions, but setting ones for youe business is not a choice. it’s time to set expectations for your year so you have something to work toward. Today I’m sharing some resolutions you should seriously think about for your business in 2014. Watch 2014 Resolutions [...]

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Why SnapChat is NOT a Fad [VIDEO]

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em right? That’s how I feel about SnapChat. I really didn’t think it was a valid social media tool and avoided it completely. Bur the reality is, SnapChat is the real deal in the digital media world for some compelling reasons. Watch Why SnapChat is NOT a Fad: I really [...]

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Market Your Events with OverNear [VIDEO]

I recently learned about this app and it’s certainly in the early-adopter stage but definitely one to watch. If it catches on (and the incoming ability to send to social media outlets will help… as I discussed with the creator) it will be a fantastic way to market events that you’re running or attending. Watch [...]

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Jab Jab Jab Right Hook: A Musical Book Review [VIDEO]

I really don’t know what to say here other than the fact that this is what the holidays do to me. Happy Savvy Tuesday. Watch Jab Jab Jab Right Hook: A Musical Book Review: You can learn more about Jab Jab Jab Right Hook on Amazon (affiliate link). Lyrics: I don’t want a lot for Christmas [...]

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November Social Shout Outs [VIDEO]

I’m very excited to share my shout outs for this month because they are some awesome people that I hope you’ll follow along with as I have. They’re brilliant, sharp and teaching me something new every day so I know you’ll appreciate. Watch November Social Shout Outs: 1) Kate White Kate is the former Editor-in-Chief [...]

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October Comments and Questions [VIDEO]

I’m taking your questions and comments that I loved from October. Woot! Ready? Watch: October Comments and Questions 1) “Are there any specific apps that you use to manage your social networks? I have 3 online personalities. Tech reviews, Art videos, and personal. And it’s all way too much for me to handle. I’d like to [...]

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Social Share Buttons Done Right [VIDEO]

Social share buttons are very popular for websites, especially with blog content. And for good reason. It really does help the visitor think for a moment about spreading the word on great content they find. But sometime people just download that functionality for their website and never revisit it again. Big mistake! There’s so much [...]

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September: Favorite Comments and Questions [VIDEO]

Time again for my favorite comments and questions from YouTube-land. Some really good ones this month so definitely tune in and soak up the info. Watch September: Favorite Comments and Questions: 1) How can I market my brand with Foursquare? Foursquare tips are where it’s at! If you leave them at your favorite places on behalf [...]

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September Social Shout Outs [VIDEO]

Keepin’ up the theme from last month, I wanted to shout out some of my fave people as of late so you guys can learn who I spend some digital time with. Check out their channels/podcasts and let me know what you think! Watch September Social Shout Outs: 1) Lamarr Wilson I love Lamarr’s lifestyle [...]

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