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How to Announce Your Candidacy on Social Media

Hillary Clinton made her big announcement this week and I thought she set an example worth noting for how to leverage social media when announcing your candidacy.

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A Blogger Outreach Strategy for Brick & Mortars [VIDEO]

I was fortunate enough to be invited by a brand to join some bloggers for breakfast at their store. It was an intriguing offer and I learned a lot more than the awareness they were probably looking for. I thought this would be a good strategy to share with you here, especially the brick and mortar shops looking to expand their reach.

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Start With Who You Know

We all have to start somewhere.

And just like they always say…

It’s Who You Know.

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How NOT To Promote Your Book

There was one particular incident that happened to make me want to help authors sell the crap out of their books.

Story time.

I got a call that there was a package for me in the lobby of my apartment building. I was curious because I wasn’t expecting anything (although I do have Amazon open constantly in Google Chrome… dangerous that whole ‘Buy Now with 1-click’ thing), so I headed down to check it out.

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