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How Livestreaming Can Jump Start a Podcast

The livestreaming movement is becoming rampant and exciting in the world of social marketing. As someone who loves good video, it’s hard to not be a bit addicted. A recent podcast I did for The Marketing Lifestyle Show inspired this video because of the opportunities to repurpose with livestreaming, offering more opportunities for better branded content throughout your online strategy.

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Video vs. Podcast: Which one is for you?

With so many options for sharing your message online, many brands are asking themselves which route to go. The question between video and podcasting is an interesting one with each of their own perks. So let’s dive into the discussion and which best fits your audience and calls-to-action.

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Get Great Interviews with Great Outreach

Landing the great outside insights your audience deserves means being on top of your game with how you connect with people. You may think you’re doing them a favor by offering free publicity, but you still have to try hard to get on their calendar. Here are some key tips to great outreach for great interviews.

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Podcasts That Inspire Me

I love to multitask. Especially when it includes listening to some smart people in my earbuds. These are the podcasts that inspire me these days.

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Amy’s Christmas Wish List 2014

No shame. I went all out on this wish list. There is no chance I’ve been good enough for Santa to spring on my highly desired tech gifts!

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