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Instagram’s New Direct Messaging. Competing with SnapChat? [VIDEO]

Well we talked about SnapChat and how relevant is actually is in the digital marketing space yesterday. Nothing proves that point more than the latest feature release from Instagram: private picture messaging. Are we seeing a competition for privacy? Watch Instagram’s New Direct Messaging. Competing with SnapChat? There’s a new little button in the upper right […]

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Instagram Video Tips [VIDEO]

As you probably very well know, especially if you’re an Instagram user, the network added video to the multimedia you can share on the network. I was one of 5 million videos that were uploaded with Instagram video in the first 24 hours of the app’s update. Talk about your trending topic… So for Social […]

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New Tagging Feature on Instagram [VIDEO]

Instagram took a cue from its boss Facebook and upgraded their app to integrate tagging of photos. This is a huge deal for brands because any account on the network can tag any other account (granted its public) in a picture. Here’s what you need to know about tagging on Instagram and how to take […]

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It’s time for a #Hashtag Refresh [VIDEO]

Per the request of a viewer, this Social Thursday is all about hashtags. What they are and what they’re good for. I’ll be covering everything for how to use them to market your business and Twitter presence to how you might see them used as nothing more than a good laugh. Tune in for your […]

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5 Ways to Market Your Business on Instagram [VIDEO]

You gotta keep it fun when you join Instagram (that is if you didn’t bail on them already). Especially if you want people on the network to dig your business. They don’t take too kindly to the salesy type. So on today’s Social Thursday we’re talking about some fun and, more importantly, acceptable ways to market […]

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If You Want to Leave Instagram You’re Using it Wrong

Holy crap, people. Really? Every time one of these social networks tweaks their terms of service to work with the changing environment that is their business model, people lose their sh*t. Have we not grown any perspective from what happened last weekend? If you haven’t, that’s not my message for this post anyway so you […]

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Is Instagram Only for Certain Types of Businesses? :: Q&A Friday [VIDEO]

For my fifth and final trick video this week, I’m answering some of your questions, ranging from video editing to Instagram. Tune in to see if I share any insight on what you’ve been wondering along with these people: Questions: 1. Is Instagram only for restaurants and retail? Or can other businesses have an effective […]

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How to Install the Instagram Badge on your Website [VIDEO]

Instagram recently released web profiles for users, a change for the previously strictly-mobile platform. If you’re a brand using the social network, you want to take advantage of every avenue in terms of getting more followers and now that it is web-friendly it is much easier to do that. Today’s video shows you how to […]

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instagram photo map

New Profile Pages and Photo Maps on Instagram 3.0

In an effort to stay interesting and update anything except the ability to upload video, Instagram released their third version of the app today. The main focus is updated profile pages for users and the ability to tag pictures based on location for ease at looking at archives in a more efficient organization. Since I’m […]

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Facebook did WHAT to Instagram- -- #TWIB No. 6 - Savvy Sexy Social

Facebook did WHAT to Instagram? :: #TWIB No. 6 [VIDEO]

On the latest episode of This Week in Blogging over on Blogcast FM, lots of news in social media. Facebook acquired the Instagram photo sharing network for 1 Billion dollars Google Plus redesigned their platform and users are now seeing a lot of white Savvy Sexy Social guest blogger, Allie Lehman, was featured as the […]

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