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Why Posting Social-to-Social is a Bad Idea [VIDEO]

I talk to people every single day to see if my company would be a good fit for them to bring in to improve their marketing strategy and sales funnel. I spoke with someone today that brought up a great point and misconception about social media posting. Watch Why Posting Social-to-Social is a Bad Idea: I […]

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Google Plus Integration with YouTube: My Thoughts [VIDEO]

So the sky seems to be falling. At least it is in YouTubeland where all the men and women of the island are being invaded by the one terrorist alien Google Plus. My my. A lot of people have been asking me what I think about the new comment system, clearly forcing a social network’s […]

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G+ Hashtags in Google Search [VIDEO]

Some news this week about Google Plus hashtags this week that they will be available for viewing in Google Search. For Sexy Wednesday, I thought I would share my thoughts on this new feature and how it might apply in the everyday search situation. Watch G+ Hashtags in Google Search: So basically if you decide to […]

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Google Plus is New New New [VIDEO]

Last week, Google had a lot of big announcments at their annual keynote, especially when it comes to their social network Google Plus. I was furiously taking notes as there were 41 friggin’ features that they updated! I mean seriously. Like we didn’t have enough to talk about. In this week’s Social Thursday I’m giving […]

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It’s time for a #Hashtag Refresh [VIDEO]

Per the request of a viewer, this Social Thursday is all about hashtags. What they are and what they’re good for. I’ll be covering everything for how to use them to market your business and Twitter presence to how you might see them used as nothing more than a good laugh. Tune in for your […]

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Google Plus Tips From Guy Kawasaki [VIDEO]

Last week I attended a Google Plus hangout held by PR professional Sarah Evans featuring Guy Kawasaki. If you’re not familiar with Guy he is a published author of books such as Enchantment (which you can find my review of here) and APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur — How to Publish a Book, CEO of, […]

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Get More YouTube Viewers by Using Google Plus [VIDEO]

Think shying away from Google Plus is the way to go? Think again. Yet another reason why you should be engaging on the fastest growing social network of all time. This time because of the amazing growth potential it can bring to your YouTube presence. Tune in to today’s Triple S to find out why […]

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How To Create a Google Plus Brand Page

We’ve been talking about Google Plus Brand Pages for some time now and then they finally arrived this month. You’ve seen how the social network can help your Google rankings and give you a great chance to engage with your audience. So now, you’re ready to get your page up and running! Here are the steps […]

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5 Ways To Make Google Plus the Top Referrer to Your Blog

The fastest growing social network on the planet is still going strong and with the latest announcement of brand pages, there’s an even greater opportunity to grow your community on Google Plus. Getting content found can be somewhat easy on G+, but only if you’re approaching its features in your favor. Here are a few […]

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Google Plus Brand Pages Are Here! [VIDEO]

Check out the latest episode of Schmittastic Social Media Tips from Yesterday we talked about the new Google Plus Brand Pages and how they are different than Facebook Fan Pages:

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