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STOP Liking Your Own Facebook Status [VIDEO]

Great suggestion from the Facebook page of what today’s video should be about from Ashwini. What’s the deal with brands liking their own Facebook status? I hear ya. Let’s vent, shall we? Watch STOP Liking Your Own Facebook Status: I’m going to give a lot of brands the benefit of the doubt that they’re not actually [...]

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Likealyzer: A Facebook Page Grading Tool [VIDEO]

Since Facebook continues to be a bit of a pain when it comes to reaching your audience effectively (yes, even the people who already liked your page… they’re pretty tough to get in front of these days) I thought I would share a tool I learned about recently that will help you up your game [...]

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Facebook Isn’t Your Website [VIDEO]

Social media, especially Facebook, has made it a lot easier for businesses to come up with a way to have an online presence quickly, efficiently and most importantly cheaply. But the problem is, social media can’t be the end all be all for how to contact your business online. It’s not yours! What happens when it’s [...]

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Hashtags Have Arrived on Facebook [VIDEO]

Shocker! Facebook is adding functionality to be more like other social network. Hashtags have been very popular in places like Twitter and Instagram and it’s definitely been something in demand on Facebook but only because people are used to it, not because it necessarily belongs. Anyway, they’re here and now you can prepare when they [...]

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How to Design Thumbnails for Facebook Apps [VIDEO]

I had a question last week about the applications on the Savvy Sexy Social Facebook page. As you will see, they are very similarly designed to help contribute to the branding. The Facebook apps your download all come with their own default thumbnails so visitors will know what they’re clicking on, but you can design [...]

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‘Buffer This Image’ Tutorial to Stay Visual and Productive [VIDEO]

It’s important on more and more social networking platforms to be as visual as possible when sharing great content. Especially on Facebook where you can reserve so much of the newsfeed with just one photo to attract attention. Buffer App is also a great social scheduling app but I didn’t find out until recently that [...]

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Getting the Most From Your Facebook Cover Photo [VIDEO]

Remember a couple weeks ago when we talked about the changed guidelines of Facebook brand page cover photos? For those of you following the rules previously, you are now allowed to have text in your cover photo — even a call to action. But it needs to be no more than 20% of your photo. [...]

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Facebook’s 20% Rule for Cover Photos [VIDEO]

You might remember when Facebook cover photos first came out that you were very limited with what you could do with text. For good reason. One less place for a business using social media as a soapbox to write “BUY MY PRODUCT PLEEEEASE!?!” Ugh. Hate that. But recently Facebook updated their guidelines so that not only [...]

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My Social Scheduling Routine with Hootsuite and Buffer App [VIDEO]

Social scheduling is a great way to make social media presence a little more managable for small businesses. I’ve definitely discussed my strategies before, but I wanted to update you on my latest routine for scheduling activity that has been the most efficient for me. Tune in to learn my social scheduling routine with Hootsuite [...]

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5 Things Turning New Facebook Fans Away

Editor’s Note: This post was written by a guest blogger. Learn more about them in the bio below this post. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ We all know the benefits of having a healthy Facebook community. It’s just another avenue you can reach a whole new audience. However, we see quite a lot businesses who don’t have a clue [...]

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