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New Facebook Features for Brand Page Engagement [VIDEO]

It’s so funny that I wanted to talk about acting as a brand page on Facebook today and how you can engage because they JUST added a new feature to make this even EASIER! (Can’t believe I’m saying that.) Check out this tutorial of the new features and some ways you can reach out and […]

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New Facebook Linking Policy: How To Benefit While Playing By The Rules [VIDEO]

You know Facebook is always learning whatever they can about us, and now they’ve changed their policy on photo prioritization on the news feed. This new Facebook linking policy is nothing to fret about but you need to pay attention to get the most eyes on your content. Tune in for today’s tutorial! Watch New Facebook […]

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How Many Words Will Increase Facebook Engagement? [VIDEO]

Want to increase your Facebook engagement (organically)? I don’t blame you. Well it’s time to rething how many words you’re using in your status updates. Turns out, people aren’t reading them! WATCH How many words will increase Facebook engagement: It’s amazing how many characters Facebook will give you in a status update to tell your […]

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How to Schedule Posts on Facebook [VIDEO]

Did you know that you can schedule posts on Facebook? A lot of people I consult with and those who Pick My Brain tell me about all the cool tools that they’ve found to help them with their social media presence so they can focus on their business during most of the day. Unfortunately, those […]

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How to Find Your First Facebook Likes [VIDEO]

A lot of small businesses who approach me about how to use Facebook are ones who don’t have any likes. Are just getting started and don’t know how to organically grow. Now, I don’t like to add weight on the “we need more likes” conversation (and believe me, I harp on that in the video) […]

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How to Make Call-To-Action Buttons on Facebook [VIDEO]

Facebook is becoming just a little more friendly to the brands and marketers on the platform. It’s great to see this new option to add calls to action to your links so your audience actually understands the move you want them to make: leaving the social networks and checking you out on your own turf! Watch […]

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What Facebook Ads Really Get You [VIDEO]

A very popular channel on YouTube that likes to expose the truth of things recently uploaded a video about Facebook Ads and their actual effect on a brand page. I thought this was a briliant representation of what’s happening and so I’m sharing those feelings with you for this Social Thursday episode. If you’re wondering […]

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Facebook Paper App (and Happy 10th Anniversary!) [VIDEO]

It’s a big milestone for Facebook this week, so let’s celebrate them. Even if they are a big pain the rear for marketing sometimes. Watch Facebook Paper App (and Happy 10th Anniversary!) A very happy anniversary to Facebook this week as it has achieved its 10th year in operation. Can you believe that? Think about […]

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Facebook Trick for Increased Relevancy on the News Feed [VIDEO]

Facebook can make it really difficult to get the facetime we deserve on the news feed. So today I’m talking about one little trick to help you increase the relevancy of the content you share making it more likely you’ll be seen by your fans and possibly new ones as well. Watch Facebook Trick for Increased […]

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InstaQuote App Review [VIDEO]

Since photos are obviously so crucial in social media marketing, I thought I would do an app review of the one I use most often to grab the attention of my network with beautiful text quotes. Watch InstaQuote App Review I really like InstaQuote (available in both the iTunes and Google Play stores) because it focuses […]

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