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The Coolest Guy at VidCon 2014 [VIDEO]

I was super impressed with someone at VidCon this year and it compelled me to make this video. If you want to know what it’s like to be the coolest guy at VidCon, tune in. Watch The Coolest Guy at VidCon 2014: I hope VidCon sees this video if they’re not already aware of the events [...]

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Find Your Fans on Pinterest [VIDEO]

Everyone wants to know if they need to be on every social network. Well, as you’ll learn in today’s video, there’s a way to at least make sure you know what conversations are happening on other networks even if you aren’t prioritizing it as a major venue for your online marketing plan. Today’s example for [...]

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Snapchat Puts the Chat in its OWN NAME (Finally) [VIDEO]

So, it’s no secret that I thought Snapchat was real dumb in the beginning and then quickly changed my mind. People clearly love their privacy. But there was still something a little janky about the network that didn’t make it feel worth using so I only did sparingly. But recently, Snapchat made some updates that [...]

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Big Brother Winner Dan Gheesling on Leading Your Audience

Podcast: Play in new window | Download Dan Gheesling is known all across the reality TV scene for his insane “performances” on Big Brother US, but I wanted to talk to him about what he’s done with his brand since the show. He’s a speaker, author, coach, YouTube gamer, vloggers. So many passions. So many [...]

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How to Find Your First Facebook Likes [VIDEO]

A lot of small businesses who approach me about how to use Facebook are ones who don’t have any likes. Are just getting started and don’t know how to organically grow. Now, I don’t like to add weight on the “we need more likes” conversation (and believe me, I harp on that in the video) [...]

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MORE Blog Comments Please [VIDEO]

I got a great question from Mary via email (she’s an Elite, of course) and I wanted to share my answer with all of your. Blog comments are obviously one of the first signs of an active community on a website, but how important are they really? Watch MORE Blog Comments Please: Mary asked: “I [...]

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What Facebook Ads Really Get You [VIDEO]

A very popular channel on YouTube that likes to expose the truth of things recently uploaded a video about Facebook Ads and their actual effect on a brand page. I thought this was a briliant representation of what’s happening and so I’m sharing those feelings with you for this Social Thursday episode. If you’re wondering [...]

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Flock to Unlock for More Retweets [VIDEO]

Encouraging more retweets of your Twitter content is a great way to increase engagement with friends of your brand. But it’s not so simple as just asking for it for no reason. Just like with everything else, there needs to be some incentive for your audience to follow your calls-to-action. So for Social Thursday we’re [...]

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iPhone Photo Apps That Increase Engagement [VIDEO]

Many businesses, both small and large, are using iPhones and other smartphones to share photos to their social networks. It’s easy, convenient and best of all there are so many apps that you can download to get your photos social media-ready so you present the most engaging product possible. Since I’m not as familiar with [...]

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How to Build a Community by Engaging Others’ First [VIDEO]

You know what’s fun about digital events like #SSSVEDA and others? Anyone can join and it’s all so much fun. People meet each other through their contributions and relationships are made. This is not just a great opportunity just just anyone. Brands can get in on this too. But that doesn’t mean you have to [...]

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