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How to Stay a Positive Social Brand

As I celebrate Thanksgiving today, I’m throwing the reins to Lily Meade to talk about staying a positive social brand in your everyday marketing. Go get it, girl!

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Procrastination: The Real Definition

I’m on a sexy rant today (because I know much you like those) to talk about procrastination and what it really means. Because if you’re doing it, you’re not going to like what it says about you.

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Headspace App Gives You Some New Head Space [VIDEO]

Whether or not meditation sounds like it’s your thing, you really need to have a few moments with yourself sometimes. And that’s why I love this app Headspace to help me do just that.

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Life Happens: Adjusting in your Business Accordingly [VIDEO]

Some craziness happened when I came home from vacation last week and I wanted to wait to talk about it until I was completely over it. And I would say I’m most of the way there. Tune in if you wanna know what’s goin’ on.

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Why You Should Share Your Fails Proudly [VIDEO]

Sh*t happens. Right? There’s not much we can do about it. The only way to get anywhere in the world is to try new things and then correct when the outcome you were hoping for doesn’t happen.

What I love about fails is that we are the failers have an opportunity with these things to make it all right. Not just apologizing in some way, if necessary. But to teach people how to avoid it and make the better move instead. That really makes an audience bond to you.

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