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From Chronic Snoozer to 5am Hustler

Want to know how to wake up early and be a 5am hustler? I didn’t think it was possible for me and then MAGIC. The mindset shift that changed it all.

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Ninja Tip to Save HOURS Of Time Per Week

We all want more hours in the day but are we actually acting to make that happen? Here’s one thing you can do to start to add time back to your life.

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Sticky Notes Strategy for Project Management

Need to attack your project or to do list? Sticky notes to the rescue! This everyday office tool can change your productivity for the better. Tune in to learn how.

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Emails: Get Inbox Zero with

When I have a lot of emails to sort through in my inbox, whether they need replies or just to be trashed, this is my favorite tool to get it done. Own Inbox Zero!

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The funny thing about time

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Getting older has been making me increasingly nervous.

That sounds dumb, but I think it’s natural to overthink where you are in your life and what you’ve accomplished when you’re approaching age 30.

Or at least overthinking that wrinkle you’re going to get on your birthday. (Sorry. I edit myself in HD three times a week. What can you expect?)

But as it turns out, the last 6 months of aging have been less scary and more refreshing in some ways.

I care a bit less what people want to hear and have been powering through sharing my opinion uncensored. I’ve stopped bullshitting myself with meanless excuses and decided to either do something or come to terms that I’m definitely not going to. I’ve stopped allowing others to dictate my career path and have taken the reigns completely on my own—something I thought I did 5 years ago but have learned the difference.

And what I’ve come to realize after these and a lot of other small pivots that are making the journey to ‘older and wiser’ a lot more pleasing is that we all have a lot of time in this life.

Not meaning that life isn’t short and we should waste it. But we as humans have the same amount of time, choose to spend it differently and therefore have a lot of it to work with depending on the path we choose. Or the multiple paths, in some cases.

It’s so easy to say how busy you are. It’s even more easy to stress out about being asked to do something because you “don’t have time”.

But if we all just said ‘no’ to the things we don’t want to do and only do what makes the wheels go round in our minds and hearts, I believe it will turn out that you’ll have far less “too busy” talks and far more “very happy” talks.

Yesterday, I took some new clothes to be hung in the closet. Exciting, right? But to have the rack spaced exactly the way I like it so I can see and embrace all the good stuff, I took one thing out for every one new thing I put in. Maybe that’s how we should manage our schedules?

Out with the old and in with the new, but keep the staples.

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Do The Work

When you’re wondering how someone was able to do something you could never imagine being able to, just remember that when it came time to do the work they did.

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How to Keep Your New Years Resolutions

It’s that time of year, friends! Time to set some new goals and improve with new years resolutions. How can you make good on them in 2015? Tune in for more.

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Amy’s Christmas Wish List 2014

No shame. I went all out on this wish list. There is no chance I’ve been good enough for Santa to spring on my highly desired tech gifts!

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A Savvy Sexy Social Resource Hub

With all the same questions all the time, I figured it was a good opportunity to answer most of them in a resource page. So that’s what this video is explaining. You’re welcome.

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Application Paralysis

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Analysis paralysis is a thing, right? Everyone likes to talk about it so let’s assume so.

But what about the people who DO ship? The people who are doing things and know they have more to do and more to give but feel another kind of barrier.

The kind that makes getting thoughts out into the world much harder than it seems. It’s not the analysis that’s holding them back but the actual process of getting it down on paper.

I find myself wanting to have that app on my phone that’s my go-to for when good ideas show up. I don’t want to lose it and I want to keep everything in one place so I can pop open this treasure trove of great ideas.

Okay cool. So now which app? Which of the millions of note-taking apps should I use that can help me making genius come to life?

I literally fight with myself over which app. Application paralysis.

Then, if I’m lucky to choose one (and God forbid it’s none of the fancy ones. Just the basic “Notes” for iPhone) and that idea comes I open the app and prepare to write.

I start to write. Then it looks stupid. Really stupid on that line in Notes.

Is it the app? Or is it the idea? Can I put this brilliant idea into the words it deserves, or was it better working it out in my head instead of trying to put it into this app?

Application paralysis. It’s a thing, I’m telling you.

I’m so busy thinking about how many amazing pieces of technology there are out there to house my ideas that I can’t even get my idea out efficiently because of the insane amount of effort and qualification this app had to go through to get to this point.

And now, I’m judging it. I’m judging this app for how it makes my idea look. Feel. In real life.

Apps are not real life. Important to note, but you see why this doesn’t help though.

Working from home, being an entrepreneur and being in your own head all. The. Time. These are just a few things that join Application Paralysis in the company of being obstacles of progress.

It’s not about making time to think, which of course is important but not the issue at hand. It’s about finding your perfect process of turning thoughts into plans that lead to action.

How do we think more efficiently and find greatness? Could there possibly be an app for that?

For now, I’ve resorted to the “Voice Memos” app as talking to myself — although weird — is better than the conversation staying in my head. Right?

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