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Buffer’s Daily App Helps You Find Tweets to Share [VIDEO]

Once again the spotlight is on Buffer and the beautiful ideas they have before everyone else. I just love them! You have to try out this app they just created to make it even more easy to discover great info to share to your communities! Watch Buffer’s Daily App Helps You Find Tweets to Share: You’re […]

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How to Auto-Share Your New Blog Posts [VIDEO]

We have another message from the Amy’s Elite tribe. This one is from Brian Dane: Do you know of a free WordPress plugin that will automatically tweet new posts and maybe even post them on other platforms? Boy do I. Tune in to find out more. Watch How to Auto-Share Your New Blog Posts: The plugin […]

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The Best No-Distractions Reader App [VIDEO]

The Internet is full of distractions, and I’m sure I’m not breaking news with that statement. But it’s really important to find the environments online where we feel more productive in our every day work. This is one of those tried-and-true tools that helps me make that happen. Watch The Best No-Distractions Reader App: A lot […]

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My Morning Routine [VIDEO]

Everyone wants to know what everyone does in their daily life to get their productivity going and accomplish the most amount of success possible. Well, if you’re interested in what that looks like for me, I’m sharing my average morning routine in today’s video. WATCH MY MORNING ROUTINE: I actually do quite a bit before […]

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How To Keep Email From Running Your Life [VIDEO]

I understand more than anyone how difficult it can be to keep email from running your life. I’m an “Inbox Zero” kinda girl. So I thought I’d talk about some of the strategies and tools I use to keep my inbox from dictating my day, my workload and my life. Watch How To Keep Email From […]

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How I Prioritize My Time [VIDEO]

It’s typical for any of us to feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day. But the reality is that every one of us here on earth have the same number of hours to work with. So if you prioritize your time effectively, you can feel better about all the things you need to […]

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Tidy Up Your Email with Boomerang for Gmail [VIDEO]

I’m definitely an “inbox zero” kind of girl. I have filters upon filters. Systems for certain types of emails. I even rejoiced when Gmail released the new tabs system because it added another way to stay organized. I realize that I’m in the 1% in terms of how I handle my email, but I know […]

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Google All Access vs. Spotify for Music Streaming [VIDEO]

Google rolled out their contribution to the music streaming scene, Google All Access, at their developers conference a couple weeks ago. I signed up and I’m hooked. But I’ve also been a loyal Spotify user since it came to the U.S. So I wanted to bring up the pros and cons of these platforms so […]

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IFTTT: The Personal Assistant You’re Looking For [VIDEO]

One of my favorite online tools is the feature for this week’s Savvy Tuesday. IFTTT stands for “if this then that” and is a fantastic automation website. It brings together your favorite social networks, cloud storage apps, wearable technology, email, text messaging and so much more to automate various tasks that are not a good use […]

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Tools for Staying Productive When Life Happens [VIDEO]

So I missed a Savvy Tuesday episode this week. {Insert tears here.} Unfortunately we had a family emergency that took a little longer than I anticipated and therefore I was behind on my editorial calendar. {Excuses end here.} So today I wanted to share some helpful tools I used while away from the office to […]

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