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Be a Smart Connector for Startups [VIDEO]

Networking is far and away the reason why I started my business and was able to stay afloat for more than 4 years now. If you don’t go out of your way for people they won’t go out of their way for you. One strategy to contribute to your network growth is to be a [...]

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5 Things to Know Before Collaborating on YouTube [VIDEO]

Still recovering from all the good (and bad… *cough**sniffle*) of CES, I thought today’s episode would be the best opportunity to share some things you need to know before you think about engaging in a collaboration project on YouTube, since that’s a lot of what you saw here last week with many guest appearances. Think [...]

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MKBHD and Austin Evans on Networking at CES2014 [VIDEO]

Wow! Back from the Consumer Electronics Show and I’m so excited to share all the fun videos I got for you this year. Let’s kick it off with the coolest techies I have the pleasure of hanging out with, my Savvy Tuesday guests Marques Brownlee and Austin Evans. In this video, I’m asking them the [...]

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How to Talk About Yourself [VIDEO]

Since I’m at a conference right now, I thought it would be sexy to discuss what it’s like to be approached by someone while networking who really knows how to talk about themselves. Seriously. No sarcasm. See what I mean… Watch How to Talk About Yourself: When you’re getting your name out there and letting [...]

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2014 Resolutions for Your Business [VIDEO]

You may be having a hard time with your personal new year’s resolutions, but setting ones for youe business is not a choice. it’s time to set expectations for your year so you have something to work toward. Today I’m sharing some resolutions you should seriously think about for your business in 2014. Watch 2014 Resolutions [...]

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December Social Shout Outs [VIDEO]

It’s that time again where I give credit where it’s due. Giving back to awesome projects that make me better every day so you can learn about them and do so as well. Watch December Social Shout Outs: 1) Steve Kloyda I got to “meet” Steve Kloyda on an episode of Reach The Summit which I’m [...]

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Connections Made Through Pen and Paper [VIDEO]

My handwriting sucks. But it’s a lot of better than most people because I actually spent time learning how to write in school. Something that I don’t think gets as much attention today as it used to. Some of the best connections have been made because of pen and paper. And because I know it [...]

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The Question You MUST Ask at Every Coffee Meeting [VIDEO]

I love meeting people. I do. But I’m not going to lie. I’m a little judgmental when someone asks me to go to coffee. I’m not one of those people who will say ‘coffee actually costs around $200/hr if you want me to schedule it in’ but my time does become more and more valuable [...]

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Business Cards: What Goes On There? [VIDEO]

Great question from a good friend of the community: “Amy have you ever done a video on business cards? Like, what sort of info you definitely should (or definitely SHOULD NOT) include on a card? I’ve been designing business cards for myself recently and as someone who is self-employed and doesn’t work for a specific [...]

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How To Network Without Being Spammy featuring Stewdippin [VIDEO]

Ricky Anderson runs the Stewdippin channel on YouTube where he talks about all kinds of hilarious nerdy stuff. He’s really done an amazing job networking and getting to know great people in the industry which has helped his brand grow. So I thought he could share some tips in that arena so you know how [...]

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