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When Are You Going To “Blow Up”? [Sunday Real]

I get comments pretty often from friends, fans, viewers, followers, everyone. About my content and videos. How “few” views they have. How more people should know who I am. Why I am just as good or better than the “famous” marketing people out there. And the question is always “when are you going to blow […]

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Fitbit One Review for a Healthier Entrepreneur [VIDEO]

I have been very health conscious lately because I’m noticing a big change in my body as I have a slower lifestyle. Sure, I rush from appointment to appointments sometimes. But I mostly only commute from my home office to the rest of my house in between workload and mobile meetings and that’s not near […]

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What’s Your Oath of Office?

With President Obama swearing in for his second term, I had a thought: Good to know everyone’s all sworn in again. #inauguration Maybe I should swear myself in regularly to reiterate my goals & responsibilities? — Amy Schmittauer (@Schmittastic) January 20, 2013   At first I thought it would be a funny tweet, but I […]

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How to Find Sweet Ideas for Your Life List [VIDEO]

So I’ve been doing some research on making a cool life list of things I’d like to do that’s I’ve not yet been able to accomplish. And I was thinking since you might consider something similar for yourself that I share the resources I’ve used to help me find great ideas for such a list. […]

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how are you stupid

How Are You Stupid?

Yesterday I talked about a really important question in business and in life in general. My question for you today is equally important because it’s going to keep you on the right path to your goals by reminding you of where your focus belongs. I wanna know… How are you stupid? Hahaha I personally think […]

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How Are You Smart?

When I was young(er), I went to the same school where my mom was a teacher. (Yes, that means I was her student at one point. No, I didn’t get special treatment.) At the end of each day, I went to her classroom so we could ride home together. (She drove, of course.) And on […]

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weekend without computer

A Weekend Without Computer? Refreshing.

I love the weekends. It’s such a great feeling because I know I can relax and just catch up on home life. But with that relief always comes the overwhelming desire to “get ahead” for the week. I can’t seem to let that feeling go. Especially on Sundays. But this past weekend was different. Those […]

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a daily LIFT :: opportunity {004}

                “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” – Thomas Edison

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Dream big. You just might get it. [VIDEO] - Savvy Sexy Social

Dream big. You just might get it. [VIDEO]

Was thinking about you guys as I was traveling this week. I hope you find this little informal vlog to be motivational to your work week What are you looking to do with your life? Are you close to a change?

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make no change see no change

a daily LIFT :: change {003}

make no change. see no change.

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