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I had the distinct pleasure of hosting a live event for some of my dear YouTube friends who wanted to give back to their community. This is our recap of that very special day: #TeamCrispyLive!

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How I Overcame My Fear of Public Speaking

Whether you’re thinking about public speaking as a viable platform for you to market your brand or not, it’s a great skillset to have as a leader in any space. But it’s not easy. This video is all about how I overcame the fears that come from taking a stage to share ideas with a group of people, helping me grow my business to a new level and stand out from the crowd (literally).

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Inside Scoop on More Speaking Opportunities (and a few I have coming up) [VIDEO]

Want to know the secret to getting more speaking opportunities or even any other type of opportunity to come your way more frequently. Mind blowing answer in this video. No seriously.

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How to Embed a YouTube Video in your PowerPoint Presentation [VIDEO]

I learned this tip this week and I thought it would be really useful for those of you who will be making presetations for your work or speaking engagements. It’s always fun to pop in some multimedia and make it a seamless transition while you’re at it.

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3 Presentations to Help You Prepare to Speak

anthony ogs13I love when I am presented with a speaker who absolutely blows me away.

There’s no doubt there were quite a few people that did just that while I attended Ohio Growth Summit this year (like Anthony Iannarino as pictured on the right), which inspired me to look into how I can best prepare myself to try to leave the same impact on my next real life audience.

So I started digging into Slideshare, a great social resource full of the best presentations and wildly helpful information. It seems only natural that I would find great information about presenting there as a lot of the best speakers out there are uploading content to the site.

The following are three of my favorite recent posts that I found for preparing for your next speaking gig.

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Public Speaking

How to Start Speaking [VIDEO]

Speaking opportunities are a great way to build your resume as a thought leader in your industry. It may or may not be something you’re actually interested in doing, but if you’re in the camp of giving it a go to increase your brand we’re talking about how you can start to prepare yourself and find opportunities.

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