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7 Tips to Stop Interrupting People and Become the Best Listener Ever

7 Tips to Stop Interrupting People and Become the Best Listener EverHi. My name is Amy. And I really need to stop interrupting people.

Yes I’m a recovering interrupter. But I promise it’s not because I want to be! It just sort of… happens. So in an effort to get better, these are the 7 tips I’ve learned to go from constantly interrupting people to becoming the best listener ever.

1) Accept it. You’re An Interrupter.

Knowing that you have a tendency to step on others’ words with your own urgent ones is the first step is just recognizing that you have a tendency to do this. It’s going to make you think a lot more throughout conversation when you feel the need to pipe up. Is it the best time? Maybe not.

Here is the video where I came to terms with my serial interrupting. Recovering Interrupter:

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My Favorite Productivity Hacks

I’m a big proponent of managing time like a boss. That might sound like someone who schedules things a lot on their calendar — and I do that too — but it’s much more than that. There are so many outside factors that keep us from being our most productive selves so that’s why I’m sharing my favorite productivity hacks.

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5 Ways to Start Your Day on the Right Foot

5 Ways to Start Your Day on the Right FootStarting on the right foot, huh? This morning I woke up with the very clear intention to write my first blog post (sans video) in a pretty long time. I went through my morning routine and at the end scheduled time to write.

As I was ready to get started, I sat down at my computer and accidentally put my elbow in my coffee, knocking it down to the floor. Coffee all over me. Coffee all over my chair. Coffee all over the floor.

Somehow this new “Love Maine” mug survived the fall, but nonetheless, a bit of a frustrating way to get started with my brand new day.

The irony of what this post was to be titled — which remained unchanged — is not lost on me.

Every day is not going to be perfect. It just won’t. You already know that and are hoping to make a change for the better by being here and I commend you. But no matter what, things happen. Your job is to overpower the negatives with the positives and that can be helped with a simple list of morning rituals.

Here are a few ways I learned to combat coffee rogue situations and start your day on the right foot.

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The days and hours can pass so quickly when you have a lot to do in your life. To do lists are not the way to be guided throughout each of them either. I’ve had a lot of requests from you Socials about how I schedule my day with a strategy called ‘Calendar Blocking.’ So in this video, I’m showing you how I really plan my day, including that tutorial and a few more ways to consider prioritizing your tasks.

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Today is Fight Procrastination Day and I’m helping you get focused with my 3 app recommendations for iPhone. Don’t worry Android! My friend Stephanie is hooking you up here.

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