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What Action Should Your Audience Take After Your Podcast? [VIDEO]

You’ve given away a TON of value on your podcast and now it’s time for your audience to take action. So what should they do? Top podcasters share what they prompt their listeners to do next. Watch What Action Should Your Audience Take After Your Podcast? Chris Cerrone: The Chris Cerrone Show Chris Cerrone’s priority […]

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My Goal for the Next Year [VIDEO]

I’ve been giving a lot of thoughts around my goals and how I feel about where I am in my career. And I think it’s time to make a bold statement. Learn what it is in this Savvy Tuesday episode. Watch My Goal for the Next Year: In 2012, I started counting down to my […]

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How to Make Call-To-Action Buttons on Facebook [VIDEO]

Facebook is becoming just a little more friendly to the brands and marketers on the platform. It’s great to see this new option to add calls to action to your links so your audience actually understands the move you want them to make: leaving the social networks and checking you out on your own turf! Watch […]

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What Facebook Ads Really Get You [VIDEO]

A very popular channel on YouTube that likes to expose the truth of things recently uploaded a video about Facebook Ads and their actual effect on a brand page. I thought this was a briliant representation of what’s happening and so I’m sharing those feelings with you for this Social Thursday episode. If you’re wondering […]

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How I Quadrupled My YouTube Subscribers in 8 Months [200th VIDEO!]

Holy man. We’ve made a lot of videos together, haven’t we? This week we celebrate the 200th episode of the Triple S. I thought this would be a good opportunity to see how much the channel has changed since only 100 videos ago in March of this year. Use this case study as an opportunity […]

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Sexy Social Media Metrics That Don’t Matter (and What You Should Measure Instead) [VIDEO]

There are lots of numbers thrown into your face when you use social media that makes it an instant popularity contest. But when you’re using these platforms to market your business, you have to stay focused on the things that really matter and not these sexy metrics that really don’t matter. For this week’s Sexy […]

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SSS media kit sneak peek

7 Metric Musts For Your Blog’s Media Kit

You’ve been hearing me scream from the rooftops for the last week that I’m running a Savvy Sexy Social Reader Survey for 2012 (which I would LOVE for you to fill out if you haven’t already!) and you might ask ‘why?’ There are quite a few reasons for this: I want to learn more about you to […]

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Measuring ROI in Blogging [VIDEO]

Oh the joys of blogging. How lovely is it that you get to publish your own articles about absolutely anything you want? You spend time, money, blood, sweat, tears, all of it on this little website that your mom and a few other are reading. But where the return on investment? When is it all […]

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You’re Not Doing It Right Unless You’re Pissing Someone Off

First of all, don’t take that title literally if you’re a brand trying to find a way to engage your community. This statement does not apply to you. I’m more talking about how you approach having a personality in what you do for a living and how you handle yourself and your opinions. Okay? So […]

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social media roi

5 Amazing Videos About Social Media ROI

LOOKING FOR EPISODE 5 OF THE MARKETING LIFESTYLE SHOW? CLICK HERE! Return on investment is not a subject to hide from when it comes to social media, but sometimes it’s a little more difficult to measure, prove, and explain. Check out these 5 videos that will help you prove the ROI of your presence, besides […]

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