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Measuring Results

30,000 Subscribers! And Setting New Goals!

We recently hit a great milestone on the YouTube channel 30,000 subscribers. A beautiful number but still a bit shocking since it’s not my one main call-to-action. So that got me thinking about vanity goals and what I would like to see if I were to set a new one.

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YouTube Subscribers and Views: Analyzing the numbers

In Zero to Pro Vlogger, our Facebook group is always abuzz with conversation and one of the questions that came in recently is understanding the YouTube subscriber to view ratio. I thought this was a good question (especially since I thought it was obvious… that’s how you know something is a good blog post idea!) so I wanted to talk about it today and how you should be thinking about these numbers on a success scale.

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Procrastination: The Real Definition

I’m on a sexy rant today (because I know much you like those) to talk about procrastination and what it really means. Because if you’re doing it, you’re not going to like what it says about you.

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What Action Should Your Audience Take After Your Podcast? [VIDEO]

You’ve given away a TON of value on your podcast and now it’s time for your audience to take action. So what should they do? Top podcasters share what they prompt their listeners to do next.

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My Goal for the Next Year [VIDEO]

I’ve been giving a lot of thoughts around my goals and how I feel about where I am in my career. And I think it’s time to make a bold statement. Learn what it is in this Savvy Tuesday episode.

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