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SurveyMonkey for Easy and Important Audience Feedback

Getting feedback is extremely critical for measuring your wins and improvements areas. This is what I trust SurveyMonkey for and they make it so simple and easy.

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Increase Engagement By Making It Easy

You want engagement? Then make it EASY on your audience! Here are some tools to help you pull it off.

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New Facebook Features for Brand Page Engagement [VIDEO]

It’s so funny that I wanted to talk about acting as a brand page on Facebook today and how you can engage because they JUST added a new feature to make this even EASIER! (Can’t believe I’m saying that.) Check out this tutorial of the new features and some ways you can reach out and make your brand page known in other communities on Facebook.

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Simplest Way to Engage Your Audience [VIDEO]

Wish you had more comments? More conversation happening online about your brand. Well it’s up to your to engage your audience and sometimes the simplest tactic gets you the greatest reward.

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Why Posting Social-to-Social is a Bad Idea [VIDEO]

I talk to people every single day to see if my company would be a good fit for them to bring in to improve their marketing strategy and sales funnel. I spoke with someone today that brought up a great point and misconception about social media posting.

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