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Life Happens: Adjusting in your Business Accordingly [VIDEO]

Some craziness happened when I came home from vacation last week and I wanted to wait to talk about it until I was completely over it. And I would say I’m most of the way there. Tune in if you wanna know what’s goin’ on. WATCH Life Happens: Adjusting in your Business Accordingly: Lucy is [...]

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Why You Should Share Your Fails Proudly [VIDEO]

Sh*t happens. Right? There’s not much we can do about it. The only way to get anywhere in the world is to try new things and then correct when the outcome you were hoping for doesn’t happen. What I love about fails is that we are the failers have an opportunity with these things to [...]

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RANT: Stop Burning Bridges [VIDEO]

Why does quitting your job always have to be a viral sensation. Well, it’s finally come back to bite someone in the you-kn0w-what. And I say it’s about time! Watch RANT: Stop Burning Bridges Sure. It’s pretty cool when we see someone quit their job in the most amazing way (like Marina Shifrin when she [...]

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Don’t Feed the Trolls: Keeping Comments Positive in the Social Space [VIDEO]

It makes sense for most of the world to think that YouTube is a scary place when it comes to feedback. Comment sections can be a bit depressing if you dig in deep. (Even good enough for an SNL sketch.) But what confuses me is that the marketing community could be so uninformed about why [...]

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New Year! New Rates! Increase Your Prices for 2014 [VIDEO]

As I so self-fulfilling you reminded you last week, it’s going to be the end of the year soon. This is the perfect time to evaluate your current rates. How much are you charging for what you do versus all the time spent actually executing, how much you’re paying in expenses and costs, and how [...]

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How to Be Social In Times of Tragedy

It’s been a really long weekend. I’ve had CNN on since Friday morning. I’ve been by the television for every live press conference, vigil and speech from the Governor of Connecticut and the President of the United States. Our country has suffered 27 tremendous losses and the need for information and understanding keeps me and [...]

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CelebBoutique Aurora Tweet

How to Tweet Your Way to Social Suicide

Spoiler Alert: Relate a national tragedy to your super cool product. You’ve no doubt heard about the terrible movie theater massacre in Aurora, Colorado that happened last week. Well, apparently CelebBoutique‘s community manager had not. As you can see from the tweet above, the fashion retailer shared a link to one of their products that was [...]

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SNL Skit Exposes Comment Trolls’ Personal Issues

If you tuned into Saturday Night Live this weekend, to watch Melissa McCarthy from Bridesmaids host, then you saw this fantastic skit that shared an issue that really hits home for a lot of bloggers and businesses with a presence online. The Comments Section is a talk show where the host discusses the troll-like comments that [...]

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How To Deal With Comment Trolls

They’re creepy and angry, looking for online content to bash. They don’t see the good in anyone, only the wrong. They’re only comfortable in their own environment, usually a dark room with a Wi-Fi signal. Comment trolls. Scaring businesses from blogging since 1999. But have no fear because these creatures are actually totally harmless. And [...]

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Are You Monitoring Your Yelp Reviews?

It’s no secret that most businesses are hesitant about being present in the online space for one very big reason: immediate and uncensored feedback. No matter how nice 90% of the reviews might be about your business, the other 10% make you want to avoid the internet completely. It’s a natural reaction when you love [...]

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