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Why Posting Social-to-Social is a Bad Idea [VIDEO]

I talk to people every single day to see if my company would be a good fit for them to bring in to improve their marketing strategy and sales funnel. I spoke with someone today that brought up a great point and misconception about social media posting. Watch Why Posting Social-to-Social is a Bad Idea: I […]

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Content Ideas of Questions They Don’t Even Know to Ask [VIDEO]

So I learned something this week that I consider to be a little nuts. And it got me thinking about why I didn’t know that in the first place and why someone wouldn’t have taked about it at some point. So naturally, I made a video. Watch Content Ideas of Questions They Don’t Even Know to […]

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Something New and Awesome for @SavvySexySocial [VIDEO]

You’ve been patiently waiting for me to talk about the awesome project I’ve been working on for Savvy Sexy Social. Well happy May Announcement Day! It’s time to find out what’s happening. WATCH Something New and Awesome for @SavvySexySocial: Thanks for all your support and everything you do to keep this community going! It’s the […]

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When Should You Publish Your Videos [VIDEO]

I often get the question ‘why did you opt for Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday schedule for the Triple S?’ I get why people are wondering because you don’t see it often, but I have a great reason. Because I said so! lol Spoiler alert. Tune in for more details. Watch When Should You Publish Your Videos: Referencing a question […]

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Why You Need Content Structure [VIDEO]

It’s been a year since we changed our video editorial calendar here at Savvy Sexy Social to three themed videos per week, a huge contributing factor to the tremendous growth we’ve seen in that time. I thought it would be a great time to reflect on that decision and talk about why it would be […]

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Effective Editorial Planning for 2014 [VIDEO] (And a free download!)

Since everyone is in planning mode for their new year, I thought this would be a great time to share my editorial planning guide for you to consider for your on online media execution. More on how I strategize this plan on this week’s Social Thursday. (Free download is at the bottom of this post!) […]

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Holidays: The Most Theme-able Time of the Year [VIDEO]

Content marketing is all about making people feel the need to act. And you do that by making what you do and sell sexy. It’s tough sometimes, but there’s a fine art to it and it works for most every industry. But we all do reach that point where we’re tired of strategizing ideas becuase […]

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What is Content Marketing? [VIDEO]

There’s a little confusion of what content marketing actually is. We know it has something to do with all this Facebook  and blogging stuff that people are doing and we know we need to be a part of. But other than that, the story stops. To really represent your brand online effectively, you need to […]

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Headlines: No Fluff. Only Value. [VIDEO]

Headlines. So important in content marketing. And yet, so many people don’t spend any longer than a couple miliseconds on deciding what to write in the field. Silly mistake. Tune in for Sexy Wednesday to upgrade your your titles so not only is it sharable, but worth clicking on in the first place. Watch Headlines: […]

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Elevate Your Brand with Free Content featuring Marlee Ward [VIDEO]

I’m very excited to have a good friend of mine, Marlee Ward, chatting with you on the show today. She’s is a business genius and is going to be increasing her video presence as well. So more awesomeness for you to watch on YouTube! Holla! Anyway, today she wants you to think about how sexy […]

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