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Blog Post link or YouTube link?

When you post a video on YouTube, which link should you share? The watch link from or the blog post link where you’re embedding your project? I take on this question for this episode of I’ve Tried Everything Q&A!

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7 Tips to Get GREAT Guests on your Show

If you want to interview people for your show, no matter whether it’s video or audio, you want them to be great guests. Really grab people’s attention to make them want to tune in.

In this episode, I hung out with my longtime Columbus friend Lewis Howes and host of the School of Greatness podcast to talk about his tips for how to get great guests for your show.

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A Trick to Video Creation While Traveling

When you need video ideas and are preparing to travel, it’s fairly easy to just plan on making a video as you’re checking out a new place or experiencing new things. But just leaving your plan at that is a great way to have zero vision for your content and therefore a subpar result in the end.

I gave a client some advice recently on this subject about how you can best take advantage of your upcoming travels when it comes to content creation. Because winging it is not the answer.

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5 Reasons to Create Content That’s Already Been Done

Starting to create content is a bit scary for most. It seems like such a big animal to take on without a clear vision of how it will actually be received by your target customer.

Not to mention the issue of lack of ideas. As soon as the task of content marketing is assigned the question on everyone’s mind is “what?” What will you talk about?

Meanwhile, other brands have been executing and creating content and one of the great ideas you have to build a valuable resource around has already been done. Discouraging, right?

It shouldn’t be. You don’t have to be first to the party to present something great. It’s just not about that anymore.

We live in a time where personal relationship are everything and people want their information, advice, entertainment and reliable products from those they trust.

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How Should I Email Someone My Video?

How should you email a video and what are my thoughts on Tune in to today’s episode of ‘I’ve Tried Everything!’

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