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Tropical Think Tank 2015: A Major Call to Action for your Brand [VIDEO]

I’m privileged to have been asked to speak at the 2015 Tropical Think Tank mastermind conference by my friend Chris Ducker, author of Virtual Freedom. This video is (long… and also) all about why you have to be there with me for the sake of your business, your long-term life plans and, of course, mojitos […]

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How Does Amy Make Money? [VIDEO]

Some people are often confused about my business model and how I make money because they assume I’m getting paid to make videos. Not true. Tune in to learn more. Watch How Does Amy Make Money? Many viewers of the Savvy Sexy Social channel get the misconception that I’m a paid YouTuber. But that doesn’t necessarily […]

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Why to Consider Getting a Mentor [VIDEO]

You need help in your business whether you think so or not. I’m going to tell you why you should consider a mentor (or many!) so you can learn more quickly and succeed more efficiently. Watch Why to Consider Getting a Mentor: My biggest mistake in my business was not immediately seeking out mentorship. I […]

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What You DON’T Do: As important as what you do [VIDEO]

Ever had trouble explaining what you do to a potential client? Maybe they get it and maybe they don’t but they’re very likely to draw conclusions no matter what. This happens to me all the time. Watch What You DON’T Do: As important as what you do: I’ve used a computer for a really like time. […]

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The Crazy Business Idea Manual: Creativity for Sale by Jason Surfrapp [VIDEO]

You guys have met Jason Surfrapp before on The Marketing Lifestyle Show. Great guy. Smart guy. I mean, really really smart guy. He may have had a journey to get to this level of smartness, but it’s definitely a lesson you’re going to want to learn about. So I’m reviewing his first ever book Creativity […]

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Get paid on YouTube with the New Tip Jar [VIDEO]

At VidCon last week, YouTube announced that they would be providing a few new features for creators including an option to monetize in a new way: The Tip Jar. Watch Get Paid on YouTube with the New Tip Jar: Not that there are lots of options in the marketplace to compete with YouTube’s partner program for […]

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Advice from My First Cold Prospect Email [VIDEO]

I spoke a lot about my beginnings on the podcast last week and it got me thinking about my first client and how I got them. It happened with my first cold email and there’s some good advice in that little thing of beauty that I want to share with you today. Watch Advice from My […]

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Life Happens: Adjusting in your Business Accordingly [VIDEO]

Some craziness happened when I came home from vacation last week and I wanted to wait to talk about it until I was completely over it. And I would say I’m most of the way there. Tune in if you wanna know what’s goin’ on. WATCH Life Happens: Adjusting in your Business Accordingly: Lucy is […]

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Hiring Virtually to Help Your Business Grow :: Virtual Freedom Book Review [VIDEO]

Chris Ducker is a great online friend of mine and the author of Virtual Freedom: How to Work with VIrtual Staff to Buy More Time, Become More Productive, and Build Your Dream Business. (affiliate) In this episode of the Triple S, we’re talking about the advantages of hiring people to get things done that you […]

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The Accounting Tool EVERY Small Business Needs to Stay Organized and Make More Money [VIDEO]

This was the runner up from our Facebook poll last week, but a very close second. So thanks to those of you who voted for it and patiently waited! Let’s talk about how to make money more simply, shall we? Watch The Accounting Tool EVERY Small Business Needs to Stay Organized and Make More Money: Last […]

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