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Do The Work

When you’re wondering how someone was able to do something you could never imagine being able to, just remember that when it came time to do the work they did.

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What To Do When Your Customers Aren’t On Social

So you’re not sure what to do because your customers aren’t on social media? Lots of companies are targeting customers who are probably categorized as anti-social. But with so much reach with the big social media networks, there are still ways you can get through. Think bigger.

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How To Stand Out From the Competition

When you’re asking how to stand out from the competition when your product is already the best, you’re not doing enough for your audience.

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Lessons from Taking Time Off

I’m back from vacation and the refresh allowed me to learn a few lessons from taking time off. I’d like to do it more. Yeah. That sounds nice.

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Procrastination: The Real Definition

I’m on a sexy rant today (because I know much you like those) to talk about procrastination and what it really means. Because if you’re doing it, you’re not going to like what it says about you.

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