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Top 3 Instagram Marketing Tips from Sue B. Zimmerman

So excited to have my friend Sue B. Zimmerman on Triple S today as she is THE Instagram Expert and is sharing her top 3 Instagram marketing tips for the social platform with us today.

Sue B. Zimmerman is The Instagram Expert and she’s earned that title. When she took her brick-and-mortar store on Cape Code and increased revenues 40% by implementing a fun and engaging Instagram presence that store vistors could get excited about, she knew she had something to teach other businesses.

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Top 3 Best Online Design Tools for Social 2015

These are my favorite online design tools for social that will help you make beautiful graphics on a bootstrapping budget!

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TMLS 23: Branding Like a Boss with Maria Ross


Today’s guest and I both grew up in the booming metropolis of Columbus, Ohio, yet really didn’t cross paths until we started hangin’ in social media. Recently we were on a podcast together and the host of the show basically dropped off and let us banter back and forth. That got me thinking: I should have Maria Ross on the Marketing Lifestyle Show. And so today, I have the pleasure of chatting with one of the top branding strategists and author of “Branding Basics for Small Business,” (the second edition includes a case study of me!) And by the way, she loves me so much that she has not one, but two special offers for my awesome listeners.

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How To Have Confidence in your Content

This video was inspired by a question from a member of Amy’s Elite about Imposter Syndrome and how to feel better about the personality you’re instilling in your online voice. Is it lame or effective?

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Let’s Chat About Your Logo

Listen. It’s your baby. I get it. But maybe you’re putting too much thought into that logo. let me know help you out. This is the logo chat.

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