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SSS 497 How to Get your Email Subscribers Hooked on your Brand.THUMBNAIL
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How to Get Your Email Subscribers Hooked on your Brand

With all this talk about growing your email list everywhere you look (which, by the way, means you’re looking at great resources) maybe it’s time to consider getting those subscriber to actually OPEN the emails?!

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Why You Should Bail on Blogger

If your website still on Blogger or are you thinking about creating a Blogger site? Let me sit you down for just a minute…

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The Biggest Mistake in Your Website Menu Bar

Time and again I see this mistake being made on so many websites. Mostly because it’s just too darn easy to do. This Savvy Tuesday episide is dedicated to keeping you from making the biggest mistake in your website menu bar.

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How to Stand Out

I was doing a live stream this week on Periscope app when I got some great recommendations for video ideas. One of them, this one. How can you stand out? It’s a tough question and yet so simple.

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Advice for Branding on Social Images

In another edition of One Minute One Cut, I’m spitting some rants about what happens when you think getting credit is more important than having a great social media image. Spoiler: Ugliness.

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