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Canva Evangelist Guy Kawasaki on Never Having Imposter Syndrome

Podcast: Play in new window | Download I met today’s guest, Guy Kawasaki, on my first trip to South by Southwest (SXSW) in 2011. He was the featured speaker at a networking event and I scored a signed copy of Enchantment. His inscription read “Amy, resisting you is futile.” He says otherwise, but I’m certain [...]

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Canva: Beautiful Design that’s Fast and Easy for Small Biz [VIDEO]

I’ve found it. You can calm yourself. FINALLY us non-design aware small business owners can create quick and easy awesome imagery for our online presence. You’ve gotta see it for yourself. Watch Canva: Beautiful Design that’s Fast and Easy for Small Biz: So Guy Kawasaki has been on the promotional move again and I was curious [...]

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Counting Down (or Up!) with Dreamdays App for iOS [VIDEO]

I love apps that make me have to think less. LOL! And this one qualifies. Watch Counting Down (or Up!) with Dreamdays App for iOS: I recently found the Dreamdays app in the iOS App Store looking for a fun way to count down to some cool stuff that’s happening in my future. Events. Conferences. [...]

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Branding Basics for Small Business [VIDEO]

Well I said I wanted to publish a book, right? So does this count? haha I’m so excited that my friend Maria Ross wanted to interview me for her 2nd edition of Branding Basics for Small Business! Watch Branding Basics for Small Business: Branding is a really important piece of marketing your company and it’s [...]

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How to Be the BEST Interviewer [VIDEO]

So many people want to start an interview series of some kind and they make the BIGGEST excuses about how they’re different. I’m over it. If you really want to be the best interviewer, there is one piece of advice that will make you happy, your interviewee happy, and best of all, your audience happy. [...]

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Check Out the New Twitter Profiles [VIDEO]

I’m always happy when Twitter makes changes. It’s always getting better and better and that makes it continue to be my favorite social network. The profiles are getting revamped and offering awesome new features. Check it out. Watch Check Out the New Twitter Profiles: The new layout is coming soon to everyone over the next [...]

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What is “Above The Fold” and Why You Need To Take Advantage [VIDEO]

Last week during Shoot The Schmitt, as I was critiquing a bunch of your websites, it became clear that many of you are not aware of how important it is to have certain items “above the fold” as we marketing geeks say. Let’s talk about it, okay? Watch What is “Above The Fold” and Why You [...]

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A Technique to Make Your Site a Little More Fun [VIDEO]

Personality is always something we’re reaching for in this social media age. In this week’s Sexy Wednesday, I’m sharing a fun idea that will make it a little less painful to go through the usual page encounters a website visitor experiences. Watch A Technique to Make Your Site a Little More Fun: You know you’ve [...]

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InstaQuote App Review [VIDEO]

Since photos are obviously so crucial in social media marketing, I thought I would do an app review of the one I use most often to grab the attention of my network with beautiful text quotes. Watch InstaQuote App Review I really like InstaQuote (available in both the iTunes and Google Play stores) because it focuses [...]

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Naming Your Brand: Does it really matter? [VIDEO]

Got a good question from an email subscriber this week: “Why did you choose to name your YouTube channel ‘SavvySexySocial’ versus your name? What are the pros and cons?” -Makia I get this question a lot because a lot of people who are elevating a personal brand to become an industry expert will use their [...]

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