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WordPress Design: Find the Right Theme on Themeforest [VIDEO]

You’ll notice I recently updated with a brand new theme. I wanted you to know the process I went through to find the right layout and theme for my WordPress site because it can be difficult to make the right call. Using, here’s an overview to find the best fit.

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Top 7 Facebook Brand Pages in Columbus, Ohio [VIDEO]

I’ve been trying to come up with cool ways to show off awesome brands doing social marketing right. So here ya go. Here is the kick off of a new segment: Seven Sexy Studies. Today I’m sharing the top Columbus, Ohio brands on Facebook. Take notes!

Since I’ve been wanting to do a case study like this for awhile, I thought it only appropriate to start it off with some killer examples from my hometown. So let’s get into it! You might just learn something awesome for your own Facebook presence (isn’t that the point?!)

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Why Savvy Sexy Social? [VIDEO]

Everyone wants to know… what’s with the name? Here’s the reason Savvy Sexy Social was exactly the right brand name for what we do here and how we help businesses.

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How to Embed Videos and Tweets in WordPress [VIDEO]

I got this question about how to embed videos and tweets and thought how I should probably talk about this more since I’m constantly stressing the importance of making videos and ALSO having a website. The two have to work together don’t they? So here is a tutorial for embedding rich media like videos and tweets into WordPress blogs.

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Canva Evangelist Guy Kawasaki on Never Having Imposter Syndrome


I met today’s guest, Guy Kawasaki, on my first trip to South by Southwest (SXSW) in 2011. He was the featured speaker at a networking event and I scored a signed copy of Enchantment. His inscription read “Amy, resisting you is futile.” He says otherwise, but I’m certain he writes that in everybody’s book. Fast-forward three-plus years and I made a video tutorial of the web app, Canva, where Guy is the Chief Evangelist. As a thank-you for doing the video tutorial, Canva sent me a free T-shirt and set up today’s interview with Guy. Over the next 30 minutes, you’ll hear him deny he’s ever had Impostor Syndrome and explain why he reads every email pitch even though he hates them. If I had more time, I would have asked him how the hell a guy born in Hawaii and living in Silicon Valley becomes a huge hockey fan. Maybe next time.

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