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MORE Blog Comments Please [VIDEO]

I got a great question from Mary via email (she’s an Elite, of course) and I wanted to share my answer with all of your. Blog comments are obviously one of the first signs of an active community on a website, but how important are they really? Watch MORE Blog Comments Please: Mary asked: “I [...]

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Why You Need Content Structure [VIDEO]

It’s been a year since we changed our video editorial calendar here at Savvy Sexy Social to three themed videos per week, a huge contributing factor to the tremendous growth we’ve seen in that time. I thought it would be a great time to reflect on that decision and talk about why it would be [...]

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Effective Editorial Planning for 2014 [VIDEO] (And a free download!)

Since everyone is in planning mode for their new year, I thought this would be a great time to share my editorial planning guide for you to consider for your on online media execution. More on how I strategize this plan on this week’s Social Thursday. (Free download is at the bottom of this post!) [...]

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Marketing and Business Blog Recommendations [VIDEO]

Thanks to Fabio for this question on the YouTube channel. It’s good to get some new resources in your mix so let’s do it. “I’m wondering whether or not you’ve made a video about interesting marketing blogs. I’m a bit too lazy when it comes to finding decent marketing content. I’m still stuck with Hubspot’s [...]

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Holidays: The Most Theme-able Time of the Year [VIDEO]

Content marketing is all about making people feel the need to act. And you do that by making what you do and sell sexy. It’s tough sometimes, but there’s a fine art to it and it works for most every industry. But we all do reach that point where we’re tired of strategizing ideas becuase [...]

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My Favorite WordPress Plugins [VIDEO]

Today’s video is brought to you buy @DCtitleguy and his fabulous question: “Would you ever do a WordPress plugins video? Best to have.” First of all I need to preface my recommendations with a word of caution. If you get too happy with your plugins in one sitting, your website will get very mad at [...]

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Social Share Buttons Done Right [VIDEO]

Social share buttons are very popular for websites, especially with blog content. And for good reason. It really does help the visitor think for a moment about spreading the word on great content they find. But sometime people just download that functionality for their website and never revisit it again. Big mistake! There’s so much [...]

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Headlines: No Fluff. Only Value. [VIDEO]

Headlines. So important in content marketing. And yet, so many people don’t spend any longer than a couple miliseconds on deciding what to write in the field. Silly mistake. Tune in for Sexy Wednesday to upgrade your your titles so not only is it sharable, but worth clicking on in the first place. Watch Headlines: [...]

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How to Brainstorm Trendy Content Ideas [VIDEO]

As sick as you might be of hearing yourself say that you don’t know what to blog about, I am sick of it also. (Haha I love you though!) So in an effort to give you yet another resource for coming up with great content ideas, I’m going to share a tool I use when [...]

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Why Blogging is Good for SEO [VIDEO]

Blogging seems to be a digital media consultant’s answer for a lot of things these days and businesses often look to their advisors in confusion. Or at least that’s what happens with me and my clients. Why does she keep suggesting blogging? Why is blogging good for SEO? There’s a really good reason why blogging is [...]

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