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Be a Badass Networker with Refresh App [VIDEO]

When I discovered this app, I knew my networking game was about to be seriously stepped up. It’s limited for iOS in the United States, but I can tell you right now you better watch for it to go worldwide because business people NEED this app. Watch Be a Badass Networker with Refresh App: I randomly [...]

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Counting Down (or Up!) with Dreamdays App for iOS [VIDEO]

I love apps that make me have to think less. LOL! And this one qualifies. Watch Counting Down (or Up!) with Dreamdays App for iOS: I recently found the Dreamdays app in the iOS App Store looking for a fun way to count down to some cool stuff that’s happening in my future. Events. Conferences. [...]

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Snapchat Puts the Chat in its OWN NAME (Finally) [VIDEO]

So, it’s no secret that I thought Snapchat was real dumb in the beginning and then quickly changed my mind. People clearly love their privacy. But there was still something a little janky about the network that didn’t make it feel worth using so I only did sparingly. But recently, Snapchat made some updates that [...]

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Awesome Alarm Clock App for Better Sleep [VIDEO]

I’ve literally been sleeping with this app for weeks now and I’m obsessed with the information it shares. Getting good sleep is freakin’ important for the marketing lifestyle! Watch Awesome Alarm Clock App for Better Sleep: If you need an app that will wake you up when it makes sense for YOU and before your [...]

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Target Your Audience with Niche Social Apps [VIDEO]

You know how we’re all on our phones all the time? Yeah. It’s a thing. Social apps of all kinds of the rage for people on their iPhone and Android devices (yes, I know there are others). How are you doing more than just tweeting and Facebooking to get attention from your audience? How could [...]

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Cycloramic App Review [VIDEO]

I got so freakin’ excited when I saw this app on Shark Tank a few weeks ago. I bought it immediately and have been playing with it because I knew instantly it would be something I had to share with you. Watch Cycloramic App Review: Cycloramic is an app that allows you to take panoramic [...]

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What is Jelly? [VIDEO]

Well there’s a new social network in town and you know what that means. I have an opinion. Tune in to this Social Thursday episode to see what Biz Stone has been up to. (Besides being the co-founder of Twitter… cause you know… that’s not crazy enough.) Watch What is Jelly: Jelly is a new [...]

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Market Your Events with OverNear [VIDEO]

I recently learned about this app and it’s certainly in the early-adopter stage but definitely one to watch. If it catches on (and the incoming ability to send to social media outlets will help… as I discussed with the creator) it will be a fantastic way to market events that you’re running or attending. Watch [...]

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InstaQuote App Review [VIDEO]

Since photos are obviously so crucial in social media marketing, I thought I would do an app review of the one I use most often to grab the attention of my network with beautiful text quotes. Watch InstaQuote App Review I really like InstaQuote (available in both the iTunes and Google Play stores) because it focuses [...]

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Duolingo App Review [VIDEO]

I found an amazing app this weekend that I’m totally obsessed with as I’m getting in touch with my schoolgirl self and my love of speaking Spanish. Watch Duolingo App Review: I’ve always wanted to be fluent in Spanish as I took it throughout school for about eight years and then bought the Rosetta Stone program [...]

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