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Social Networking

Top 7 Social Hacks from Chicago Social

In preparation for Social Media Day, the speakers of Chicago Social came together to offer their best tips for social marketing in 2016.

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What is your -brand--
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Are you saying “brand” right?

This article was originally published on Facebook.

If you’ve been paying attention to the marketing space, you probably hear one word very frequently.


Everyone is talking about their brand. Focusing on building their brand. Working with brands. Branding their business. Brand. Brand. Brand. (Jan Brady voice inserted here.)

It’s a situation of where a word becomes so overly used by an industry that it joins the infamous category of buzzwords. A buzzword (accordingly to Wikipedia) is “a word or

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Video Marketing

A Philosophy for Video (And Life)

If there’s anyone who understands perfectionism, it’s me. I’m a major perfectionist. Things may not always work out perfectly and I may try to say I’m okay with that, but secretly I want it to be.

I freak out when I send a typo in a text or tweet. I use white-out (yes, that’s still a thing) on my notes taken in pen when I mess up, wishing while the paint dries that I had used pencil. I continue to buy new moleskine notebook whenever I come into contact with them because starting from page 1 feels good. And of course, I will watch a video just one more time to make sure I got it just right.

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5 Reasons to Create Content That’s Already Been Done

Starting to create content is a bit scary for most. It seems like such a big animal to take on without a clear vision of how it will actually be received by your target customer.

Not to mention the issue of lack of ideas. As soon as the task of content marketing is assigned the question on everyone’s mind is “what?” What will you talk about?

Meanwhile, other brands have been executing and creating content and one of the great ideas you have to build a valuable resource around has already been done. Discouraging, right?

It shouldn’t be. You don’t have to be first to the party to present something great. It’s just not about that anymore.

We live in a time where personal relationship are everything and people want their information, advice, entertainment and reliable products from those they trust.

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More From Amy

Keynote Dress Rehearsal

In preparation for my opening keynote at The Content Marketing Academy in Edinburgh, Scotland on June 2, I scheduled a dress rehearsal in Columbus for close friends and live streaming to my group coaching program participants.

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Video Marketing

Adobe Spark: Make Videos in Minutes! [FIRST LOOK]

Adobe released an incredible new tool that is going to make it even easier for you to keep your online media visually pleasing! Oh. And you can make VIDEOS! OH! AND IT’S FREE! 

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I didn’t choose YouTube. The customer did.

I didn't choose YouTube. You did.These days, it’s very easy for you to look at what I’m doing and say how lucky I am to have gotten on board with video content early. How it was smart for me to create videos on YouTube so I could build an archive that would keep people watching for hours.

I suppose that’s true. But I wasn’t the one who chose YouTube for me.

You did.

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Video Marketing

How Do I Make Vlogs New Subscribers Will Love?

I was able to address a couple of hot topics in the world of vlogging for this episode of ‘I’ve Tried Everything,’ a Q&A series I do on Savvy Sexy Social. In Sasha’s question, he asks what kind of content he should create for new viewers while also keeping content for him existing audience true to form.

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Video Marketing

5 YouTube Success Tips from Savvy Sexy Social

YouTube continues to be a massive force to be reckoned with in the video content world. If you’re considering the platform or want to improve your presence, here are 5 success tips I’ve shared on Savvy Sexy Social that will help you succeed on YouTube.

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Video Stage Fright
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Ridding of Video Stage Fright: The Mindset Shift

In Day 12 of 30 Days to Better Vlogging, we talk about stage fright with video.

It’s a conversation worth having because for anyone, it’s not really natural to talk to a camera. I mean you’re looking at an electronic device and trying to have a conversation with it. That’s a little odd.

So on the basic level, that’s stage fright. The complex that you’re now going to do this awkward thing.

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