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Google Fresh & Social Media APIs

Have you been seeing more and more pages with sharable information on them?  API’s jutting into otherwise branded visual space?  We’re used to seeing boxes to check off at the bottom of blog posts: do you want to share, tweet, or plus one this content?  But now these API’s are starting to appear on landing pages–on every page, practically–of major Fortune 500 companies’ website.  They want all their content to be sharable.  That’s a trend that’s going to become more prevalent.

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Measuring Results, SEO

Weighted Dice: Google Conceals Search Query Data

As the leader in Internet search, Google prides itself on being able to deliver the best, most relevant search results. However, Google has gotten in trouble before for wielding too much power. There is a fine line between Google suggesting what they believe their users desire and forcing them to view selected content.

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