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Amy is the Founder of Savvy Sexy Social and President of Vlog Boss Studios, a digital marketing agency specializing in video content creation. Connect with her on Twitter.
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YouTubers Dom Esposito and Austin Evans on Building a Successful YouTube Channel for Search

Podcast: Play in new window | Download   Being an American means challenging yourself everyday to get better and rising to the occasion. So as we prepare to celebrate our nation’s birthday, I decided to really challenge myself on this episode of the Marketing Lifestyle Show. For the first time, I’m conducting the interview in [...]

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The Coolest Guy at VidCon 2014 [VIDEO]

I was super impressed with someone at VidCon this year and it compelled me to make this video. If you want to know what it’s like to be the coolest guy at VidCon, tune in. Watch The Coolest Guy at VidCon 2014: I hope VidCon sees this video if they’re not already aware of the events [...]

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Get paid on YouTube with the New Tip Jar [VIDEO]

At VidCon last week, YouTube announced that they would be providing a few new features for creators including an option to monetize in a new way: The Tip Jar. Watch Get Paid on YouTube with the New Tip Jar: Not that there are lots of options in the marketplace to compete with YouTube’s partner program for [...]

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Tech YouTubers Share Video SEO Secrets [VIDEO]

You know VidCon went pretty well when I have a video with some of the top tech guru YouTubers in a parking lot, filming at 4 in the morning. The sign of greatness, for sure. Watch Tech YouTubers Share Video SEO Secrets: You may just want to upload a video and then send it to all [...]

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Be a Badass Networker with Refresh App [VIDEO]

When I discovered this app, I knew my networking game was about to be seriously stepped up. It’s limited for iOS in the United States, but I can tell you right now you better watch for it to go worldwide because business people NEED this app. Watch Be a Badass Networker with Refresh App: I randomly [...]

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How To ROCK VidCon [VIDEO]

I’m very excited to be on a plane right now to the west coast where I can reunite with all my fabulous video creator friends and make beautiful beautiful videos. This is the ultimate time of year to collaborate and help each other grow channels more organically, so get ready to learn how to ROCK [...]

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300th Video! How I Increased Subscribers and Views in 7 Months [VIDEO]

I’m so excited to reach my 300th episode of the Triple S. Today’s video is just like how we celebrated the 200th: reviewing the changes to the channel over this time and how my strategies helped it grow. Get ready to take notes! Watch How I Increased Subscribers and Views in 7 Months: Case Study: Today [...]

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jason surfrapp

T-shirt Wearer Jason Surfrapp on What Doesn’t Work in Social Media

Podcast: Play in new window | Download Lately it seems as though a lot of my first meeting stories began at VidCon. I’m hanging out at my first one in the Expo hall between sessions and a fellow attendee approaches. I instantly recognized him as Jason Sadler, who built a million dollar company by wearing companies’ T-shirts [...]

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Twitter Accounts: Should You Have More Than One? [VIDEO]

People often ask me why I have two Twitter accounts or if I recommend if they have more than one. It’s different for everyone because of personal brands vs. professional brands, but I at least wanted to explain my story and give an idea of why I have @Schmittastic and @SavvySexySocial. Watch Twitter Accounts: Should You [...]

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Canva: Beautiful Design that’s Fast and Easy for Small Biz [VIDEO]

I’ve found it. You can calm yourself. FINALLY us non-design aware small business owners can create quick and easy awesome imagery for our online presence. You’ve gotta see it for yourself. Watch Canva: Beautiful Design that’s Fast and Easy for Small Biz: So Guy Kawasaki has been on the promotional move again and I was curious [...]

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