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Amy Schmittauer is a video authority coach, public speaker and host of Savvy Sexy Social, a video series for people who want to create an amazing brand platform through video and social media. Amy writes, hosts and produces the show which has an archive of more than 600 episodes. Impacting businesses in almost every country in the World, these advocates have helped the YouTube channel amass nearly 3 million views, contributing to Amy’s portfolio of work on the platform totaling over 10 million views. She is an internationally-acclaimed public speaker and edutainer, voted #1 Best Speaker at Social Media Day San Diego in 2015 and with high marks at events such as Tropical Think Tank, Hubspot’s Inbound and Social Media Marketing World.
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WANDERLUST TAG | Travel Talk with Vincenzo Landino

Travel is one of my favorite things that I get the pleasure of doing often in my life. I had Vincenzo Landino on the show today to answer questions from the Wanderlust Tag challenge to share some of our tips and ideas about travel.

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Today is Fight Procrastination Day and I’m helping you get focused with my 3 app recommendations for iPhone. Don’t worry Android! My friend Stephanie is hooking you up here.

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I’m always inspired by changes, especially of the leaves when the Autumn season arrives. That’s why I’m always game for the PSL (pumpkin spice latte) when coffee shops announce their release. But for the naysayers… I made this video for you.

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The List

[the LIST #5]

What’s up, social!

Welcome to edition #005 of The List: things that inspired or excited me this week.

50K Strong! ::
It was an unbelievable milestone moment for me to land in Salt Lake City for a speaking engagement last week and discover I had achieved my 50,000th YouTube subscriber. Thank you for your continued support of what I do. There aren’t enough words to express my gratitude. <3 No More Sunrise ::
That’s a depressing headline. LOL! What I mean is that if you were as big of a fan of the Sunrise calendar app as I was, I suggest you check out Product Hunt’s list of contenders to replace it and stay productive with your time!

Giveaway Winners, Comments & Wine ::
I started a new segment on Savvy Sexy Social where I drink wine and review your comments. Proved to be a great time. Also, if you entered to win a 5-Minute Journal, tune in to find out if you won!

#SSSVEDA Success! ::
A bunch of you lovely people finished 31 days of vlogging yesterday and I couldn’t be more proud! It’s a crazy undertaking but for those who do it, they’re ahead of the videomaking game!

Join us live at 4pm ET Today ::
Vincenzo and I will be live on Facebook today at 4:00pm ET to talk about the latest in video news today. How is there something new happening every day?! That’s why we’re here: to keep you updated. Mark your calendar!

When You Pinch to Zoom and Can’t… Now You Can! ::
Instagram just released the ability to pinch and zoom on its newsfeed photos and videos! This is really interesting since — quite frankly — we should have had this technology a long time ago. But yay!?


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Wine & Comments | august 2016 (and giveaway winners!)

Summing up a fun month on the channel, these are my comments to your comments while I sip a red from my Olivia Pope glass. #winning

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