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Amy Schmittauer is Founder and Face of Leading the charge in video blogging for business, Amy has grown a following for the site that has amassed more than 1.2 million video views and become a vital referral source consultancy and public speaking career. She is a proud beagle mom, coffee addict and shares most of her life via video and on Twitter. A true social media frenzy. Connect with her on Twitter.
Social Media

How to Track Top Referring Social Networks to your Website

Want to know which social networks are performing the best for your website traffic? Here is a quick tutorial for how to find out with Google Analytics.

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Building a Business, Productivity

Ninja Tip to Save HOURS Of Time Per Week

We all want more hours in the day but are we actually acting to make that happen? Here’s one thing you can do to start to add time back to your life.

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Sticky Notes Strategy for Project Management

Need to attack your project or to do list? Sticky notes to the rescue! This everyday office tool can change your productivity for the better. Tune in to learn how.

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The Marketing Lifestyle Show

TMLS 50: Michelle Tillis Lederman on Likeability of your Brand


I first heard Michelle Tillis Lederman on the Art of Charm podcast and was WOW’d for each minute of the show. Furiously taking notes. I knew I needed to bring her expertise to TMLS as she discusses the vital decision of becoming a likeable brand by truly embracing the core of who you are.

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Biggest Mistake of a YouTube Creator

This is a very simple but important thing that YouTube creators must not overlook. It will be their biggest mistake if they do.

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