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Social Networking

Budgeting for Social Media Marketing in 2013


Social media is recognized as the third most popular marketing strategy currently being used to reach out to consumers worldwide. That may be because an estimated 60% of users are likely to act positively on a product or service they hear about from a friend on a social networking site (according to a report published by Nielsen and NM Incite). It’s no wonder then that businesses are making the most of social media!

However, if you don’t adopt the right strategies, the medium can turn into a cash guzzler. So it’s important to be properly managing and budgeting for social media marketing. After all, how can you truly measure your marketing strategy’s success if you don’t even know it’s true cost?

Before you commit to any social media marketing plan, your first step should be drawing up a budget for it. The following are the key areas you must allocate funds for:

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Video Marketing

How I Made $200 from a YouTube Video in Less Than a Week

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When I uploaded my first instructional YouTube video back in August, I didn’t think anything would ever come of it. But within a few days of uploading the video, I had recruited two new guitar students and increased my product sales.

There are plenty of videos that have been on much longer that than mine and are just as good, yet had less views and results.

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Content Marketing

Using Instructographics for Successful Brand Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Are you looking for an effective way to enhance an SEO campaign or optimize content for brand promotion?

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Video Marketing

How YouTube is Playing a Big Role in Online Advertising

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The Internet is being used by billions of people all over the world. For this very reason alone, a lot of online businesses have opened up and ventured into this kind of business because of all the wonderful possibilities it provides. Along the way, advertisements have become more common online too and as a result, products are sold faster, people become more informed quicker and at the same time, have found venues where they can express their thoughts and ideas freely.

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How to Manage Your Brand’s Community Involvement

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Here’s a snapshot of the moment when I almost lost my cool and came this close to physically attacking someone in my shop. That is, if I were the sort to physically attack someone, which of course I’d like to believe I’m not. Mostly.

The haughty, judging words were, “Well, I thought you’d do it for the community, but I guess that doesn’t interest you.”

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Content Marketing

WordPress Web Hosting: Why It’s So Popular and What You Can Expect

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Wordpress logoIs WordPress the best content management system/blog hosting site currently available?

It seems like everyone is talking about this multi-awarded site and that reason, may have added to what catapulted WordPress from a blogger platform site to CMS superstardom. Its popularity is claiming 36% of the market share against other popular CMS heavyweights such as Blogsmith, Drupal and Gawker; WordPress is still eating its way against the competition as we speak. From the looks of it, it does makes sense why CNN,  Mashable and the New York Times are all using this widely used web hosting site. The simplicity and ease of use, ekes out from its users. The flexibility of its widgets down to content managing, everything is user friendly. Let’s find out why WordPress is the best web-hosting platform and what you can expect from it.

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Content Marketing

Taking Your Content Strategy Beyond Blogging

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chess game creative commonsWhy do we blog? We know that any form of consistently updated media is favorable in Google’s eyes, so from an SEO perspective, it’s a sure win. But what about from a “human” perspective?

We need to constantly remind our users or readers that we’re still around, and we want to keep them in the loop with everything related to our industry. On top of that, by becoming a reputable source for our industry specific information, we have the opportunity to become thought leaders within a certain niche, which in turn attracts readership.

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