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IMG_0523In high school, I can remember learning about the word “marketing” and deciding without a doubt that I wasn’t going to have any part in it for my professional career. I thought of pushy sales, soapbox preaching and lame products. ‘Why would that be something anyone wants to do with their life?’ I wondered.

And yet, here I am. Not only working in the marketing profession, but living, breathing, teaching and loving it as a self-employed consultant. So what gives? What changed so much that my opinions have made a complete 180?

Social media, that’s what. Communications is far and away what it used to be. The last 10 years have been a pivotal moment in time for how things are changing with the way people connect. We are all each other’s peers and being whatever you want to be has never rung more true. I’ve been fortunate enough to grow up with these technologies of social media and video, embracing the fast changes every step of the way, and that compelled me to grow a business around it. Passion, meet opportunity.


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Marketing isn’t something we do. It’s something we are. It doesn’t matter if you’re a big company, a small blog, or just a human being.We all somehow market ourselves to those around us. Social media and the Internet have made this increasingly easier for anyone to spread their message. I can’t get enough of it in my life whether I’m sharing about myself, my clients, or just any brand I think deserves some extra attention. So I was inspired in 2011, to spread the message of social marketing with this blog.

Savvy Sexy Social is a marketing lifestyle vlog/blog for brands trying to better understand what their audience needs from them so they can show off their amazing personality online by sharing amazing content and become the go-to resource for their potential customer. Marketing isn’t just a department in your company (or for many of you, that naughty item on your to do list). It’s a lifestyle. How you present yourself, run your business, talk to your connections, share your ideas, live your dream. It’s your culture and it’s all marketing.

I want to help you show off that fabulous personality your audience wants see. With tips and advice from everything in social media tools and implementation to better business practices to helping you live the lifestyle your brand needs to succeed. I don’t have all the answers and I’m taking my journey along with you. But I have a lot to share and if you’ll let me, I know you’ll feel more confident to come along for this really amazing ride.

Thank you for joining me here at Savvy Sexy Social: The Marketing Lifestyle Blog. I look forward to learning more about you in the comments section.



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