Meet Amy “Schmittastic” Schmittauer

IMG_3339A professional in digital content marketing, speaker, professional vlogger, and all around social media frenzy, Amy helps businesses create a strategy to organically grow online presence and social relationships through value creation. She is the President of her video content and social media marketing agency Vlog Boss Studios, based in Downtown Columbus, Ohio.

Amy loves working with brands to develop interesting informational vlogs (or “video blogs”) to share with their audience. Think small-scale video production: professional, but more personal. Handling everything from scripting, personality, editing, and production, working with her to develop your video content is an effective way to outsource while also create a partner for your brand. That’s why people choose Vlog Boss. was the first opportunity to have an outlet as a brand new full-time entrepreneur who wanted to share her ideas and advice with the world in a way that would stand out. Thus, the quick, consumable video content that helps small businesses and entrepreneurs learn how to live the marketing lifestyle without the usual talking head feel. You’ll be lucky to hear her breathe in a video thanks to jump cut editing, much less have any of your time be wasted before you learn something you can implement for your brand immediately. This blog has been an integral referral source of business for Amy, but is not the main business. “I love the client/consultant relationship. This is what keeps me going every day,” she says about her work at Vlog Boss Studios although still spending a great amount of time weekly creating 3 videos per week for SSS. It can get confusing on which is the full-time gig!

Many who meet her are disappointed to find out her last name is actually not Schmittastic. But she is also very well known for always having a video camera in people’s faces, mostly her own. Highlights of her vlogs include meeting her favorite Youtuberkicking off the Fox Road Trip in LA, and describing a run-in with American Idols in her hometown.  In addition to tuning in to the Triple S Daily episodes on Savvy Sexy Social, you can follow along by subscribing to her personal Youtube channel or checking out The Schmittastic Vlogs.

Amy went to school for Political Science and thought she wanted to go into campaign fundraising. She worked for the best fundraiser in the state of Ohio at the most prestigious law firm in Columbus, helping direct the most successful fundraising event for the Ohio Democratic House Caucus in Central Ohio and the second most successful in the state. But even after many more successful events for the likes of Governor Ted Strickland, Senator Sherrod Brown and others national and state officials, she discovered her real passion in new media.

What’s the Red Velvet Rope Policy for working with Amy Schmittauer? Be passionate about what you’re doing and show that you want to play a role in the growth of your business. Those characteristics are necessary ones to have an opportunity to work with Amy and Vlog Boss Studios.

As you will read on the About Savvy Sexy Social page, this blog was created to share information on how to get ahead in social media marketing for business. Don’t get caught up in the noise of all the experts and gurus. When you visit this site you will always learn something you can implement today. Everyday. We have a no fluff policy around here. And it’s one you can count on.