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You’re Not “Just” Anyone

I spoke to a small group at a co-working space yesterday and I did something I always told myself I would never do.

I put someone on the spot.

I used to HATE that. When the teacher would call on me. Just because.

I would never have an answer. Even if I had an answer, I was too afraid to share it.

But yesterday, I did that to someone in this small group.

I asked everyone if they were currently making video of any kind and when most of them said no I asked, “What’s holding you back?”

My eyes landed on the one person who probably didn’t want to talk at all.

No, not probably. Actually. She didn’t want to talk at all because she said that’s the reason she doesn’t make video. She doesn’t feel comfortable talking most of the time and she would rather delegate a marketing task like that.

I asked her if she was the owner of her company and she replied: “No. I’m just a rep.”

Just a “rep?”

If you’re just a rep, then I’m just a vlogger.

But we both know there is so SO much more to her than that. If she is a “rep” of a company she needs to speak intelligently about what that company does.

If she has to speak intelligently about what that company does and how they can help, then she likely has that conversation with people as her role of a “rep”.

If she has to have a conversation with someone and speak intelligently about what her company does and how they help then guess what? She is already doing exactly what you’re supposed to do when you create a video.

Speak to one person and tell them something they want to know.

The only difference is that there is only a video camera in the room.

When you learn one communication skill, you can easily apply those tactics to the next skill you need to learn. That’s how I turned from vlogger to speaker. And then speaker to author.

From “rep” to vlogger? EASY PEASY. I assured her it might even be fun considering the pressure it might feel when people are listening to you talk, vlogging means there’s no one around! It can just be you and the camera.

But you still get to help one person when you speak to that camera. Hopefully you’ll affect many more who will watch.

You’re not “just a” anything. If you have a line of work that involves communication of any kind, then you can vlog. But more importantly, you can think of yourself as much more than just your title.

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Amy, you are just original. (lol)  That's so rare these days.  Thank you for being you!


Love it! Amy you ate so helps me to just keep on going..and going.Thank you!


Awesome reminder Amy! I catch myself saying this awful word 'just'. Thanks for the reminder :)


Love this. I say it all the time to my team... we are not JUST virtual assistants. In fact that "not just a VA" idea may be the title of one of our courses ha! <3