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Vlog Like A Boss

Pork & Sauerkraut: 29 Days until #VlogLikeaBoss

Tradition. It’s my favorite.

I love having those few things we do every year at special times as a family to remind us of what’s really important.

On New Years Day, it’s the good luck that comes from eating pork & sauerkraut. An old German tradition.

This day was very special because it was not only another tradition shared, but Vin’s first time eating the dish. A perfect way to kick off the year for all of us.

29 days until Vlog Like a Boss is here. This book will be here so fast. You can tell by my expression in this episode when I’m stressing about printing deadlines. :/


The Giveaway

Every episode of this series, I will be giving away 3 books to someone who views my videos in the first hour they are release. This is why I’ve been telling you for the last month or so to subscribe on YouTube and make sure you have notifications on. In order to win you need to:

  • Watch in the first hour
  • Like
  • Comment on the YouTube video

The winners will be displayed in the next day’s video and instructions to redeem are in the YouTube description of each episode in the series.

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