The days and hours can pass so quickly when you have a lot to do in your life. To do lists are not the way to be guided throughout each of them either. I’ve had a lot of requests from you Socials about how I schedule my day with a strategy called ‘Calendar Blocking.’ So in this video, I’m showing you how I really plan my day, including that tutorial and a few more ways to consider prioritizing your tasks.


Learn more about Stephen Covey’s prioritization method: Time Management Matrix.


How to Plan Your Day!


  1. HectorSantiesteban

    To-do lists and junk drawers!! I love the analogy!

    I love the connection between the list and using the matrix to determine how to plan! Great insight!

  2. Great reminder of the 4 quadrants from the 7 Habits. I gotta re-read that book. I actually have one section in my blog @ where in I apply the exercise where you write about how you want to be remembered when you’re dead, your eulogy. Anyways, your blog is awesome and so are you!

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